Developing a business based on referrals is not just important, but mandatory for a successful career in real estate. Our seven-part guide will ignite ideas and help you build a solid foundation of best practices and habits for generating business from referrals.

Real estate letter marketing is a great strategy for numerous reasons, including gaining referrals, prospecting, communicating, and much more. With these simple tricks brought to you by our very own CEO Nathan Froelich and templates already written for you, you will be ecstatic you landed on this page.

Skill-up or scale-out, how to make the most out a crisis, and keep the momentum going is what this article and video by Dr. Bruce Lund discuss in our "new normal" during and after the hit of COVID-19.

Our subconscious minds are powerful when it comes to building and protecting our confidence...

Learn about the foundation of business and sales with these quick tips and a short video from leader and entrepreneur Dr. Bruce Lund.

Free yourself from summer distractions and get back into the grind...

Learn how to get in the real estate game and have a "ball" doing it when you sit in on this on-demand webinar with Sean Carpenter, formerly recognized by Inman News as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate.

Taking responsibility sometimes means simply asking for it. Learn 3 rewards you should be getting from your business experience..

Fight to earn the attention of the market in a positive way when you become a community leader and learn to build your business the right way.

Building confidence can range anywhere from private victories to maintaining momentum. Learn what Bruce Lund has to say on how to grow successful in your career when you understand all angles of fortitude.

Getting the desired results means understanding what to do and staying consistent.

Don't be afraid to be the expert, to be a challenger, to excel. Perhaps you've failed, but getting overcoming those challenges makes you stronger.

Like James Lawerence (aka Iron Cowboy) he felt the negativity and defeat throughout his competitive journey. As a salesperson, there will be distractions from the outside world that you will need to learn to keep moving on.

Build purposeful relationships and strengthen connections with clients with a elegant, customized bottle of wine!

Here's how to ensure you never hear, “Yes yes yes, I know. If I know anyone thinking of buying or selling I will call you first.” when you're on the search for referrals from your SOI.

Strategic gifting is the act of providing your clients with a gift at an unexpected, but necessary time. For example, giving the gift of wine after a bidding a war. More here!

There is a strategy to asking for referrals and it includes asking before the transaction has happened. Check out this video with Metrix's Coach Brian Gubernick to discover the script he uses to earn a committed referral source before the transaction has even begun.

Your sphere might possibly be one of the most important marketing segments you have. That's why having a marketing strategy that keeps you and your business in front of them is essential.

What would you rather do; call 50+ online leads a day or, have 5+ referral sources speaking so highly of you, leads are calling you? If the later is your choice, this webinar is a must see.

Build momentum in your business and increase your lead count by adding these seven lead sources to your sphere of influencers.

Your sphere of influence list is, quite possibly, the best source of business for real estate agents. It can also be the source that is easily neglected.