Real Estate Marketing Flyer Ideas

Real Estate Markeing Flyer Ideas

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No Flyers in Your Real Estate Flyer Box?

49% of home buyers reference real estate yard signs during the home search process according to 2017, 2018, 2019 NAR Home Buyer Survey, and Zillow.

Yard signs are the #3 source to find homes by buyers.

Many realtors will use real estate brochure boxes attached to the signs but struggle on keeping them filled with real estate flyers which leads to frustration for buyers, sellers, and agents. It’s such a problem, there is even a youtube video with over 8.8K views.

No Flyers in the Flyer Box Real Estate Sign Song

No Real Estate Flyers = Lost Opportunities

An empty flyer box creates lost opportunities that are worth thousands in GCI. Here’ are just some of the ramifications of not having real estate flyers in your box.

  • Buyers don’t get your details about your real estate listing and end-up accessing Zillow or other mobile real estate apps.
  • Your sellers get frustrated that there are no real estate flyers of their home available causing them to feel that they are losing opportunities for selling their home.
  • You miss the opportunity of connecting with nosey neighbors who may be interested in selling in the near future.
  • Wasted time spent refilling the real estate flyer box.

These are just some of the missed opportunities but this can easily be solved with automation.

Real Estate Flyer Solution

We believe real estate flyers still play a critical role in your marketing strategy for real estate lead generation. Our lead engagement automation platform can be leveraged to help you with these opportunities.

Below are a couple of use cases you can use to help you.

Empty Real Estate Flyer Box

How to generate real estate leads with your real estate boxHere’s a step by step workflow for this common issue.

  • You can get a vinyl sticker that looks like a real estate flyer & put it on your flyer box. This is done in case your brochure box is empty, it still looks like there’s a flyer in it.
  • Use our text for info lead capture tool to set up an automated text response that users can text to get the flyer. Users will text for info to get flyer.
  • Create a code which will instantly text back a response with all your contact info, website, email, showing instructions, links to video & to a PDF.
  • People will get out of the car and walk up to your real estate brochure box looking for a flyer. If it’s empty, they will look at the outside and text to get a copy of the real estate flyer.

View a sample now: Text ‘FLYERS’ to (657) 444-1500

You will get a sample text message to show you how the system works and what your consumer receives in real-time.

Generate Leads from Your Real Estate Flyers

Homebuyer leads picking up real estate flyers are valuable leads because they are actively driving around looking at homes.

Real estate brochure with CTA

According to NAR, they will look at 10 homes over 10 weeks making these some of the most motivated bottoms of the funnel real estate leads.

When a buyer picks up a real estate brochure from a flyer box on a yard sign, they will rush back to their car and then review the sales price and details of the home.

Your flyer will stay in their car and often end up in their homes acting as a mini-billboard for your real estate services.

Use double-sided real estate flyers to generate additional leads in case they don’t like your current listing you may be able to still capture a lead by cross-promoting your other listings and other “call to actions” on the back of the flyer.

On the back of the flyer put an additional 6 – 12 boxes of information all accessible using the “text for info code” for each one like the real estate flyer sample.

You would create individual “Keys” with preset “responses” within the CallAction platform to automatically deliver the information the consumer is requesting. You can see the sample in the video below.

A text for info real estate lead generation workflow like this can integrate with top real estate CRMs like this Boomtown real estate video shows.

Distribute Your Real Estate Videos via Real Estate Brochures

If a home buyer is interested in a real estate listing, they will search online for additional photos, videos, and information.

Many agents will put a URL to find the info online but that does not guarantee you will capture the lead. If they don’t fill out the form on your landing page website you have nothing.

These same consumers will also return home with your flyer and do a Google search by property address which increases the chance of you losing the lead to Zillow or other portal sites that are highly SEO optimized for real estate addresses.

Don’t lose these valuable leads, include a text for additional info directly on the flyer to promote the video and automatically capture the phone number of the homebuyer which is the most valuable information for you.

Automate Your Entire Follow-Up to Real Estate Flyer Leads

Use the CallAction text for info lead capture tool, you can also automate the follow-up to these leads to our custom drip campaigns.

You can learn more about the CallAction lead engagement automation platform and other workflows and integrations to help you with your real estate business.

All text messages that are sent to the CallAction “text for info” system are automatically captured and can be synced directly into favorite your real estate CRM.

Real estate flyers: How to use real estate brochures to lead generate.

Helping businesses instantly G.E.T. (Generate, Engage, Track) leads from all marketing channels with CallAction intelligent sales & marketing automation.

Jessie Beaudoin is a life-long entrepreneur. Starting with a lemonade stand at age 8 with the help of his father, he got his first job at the age of 15 as a telemarketer. From there, Jessie remained self-employed where he then obtained his real estate license and worked as a mortgage broker while attending California State Fullerton. Efficient in consumer direct marketing, HTML, web design, SEO, generating inbound inquiries, marketing, and technology, Jessie is a common problem solver and strategic thinker in numerous areas.

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