Learn about the future of developing technologies with social sales coach & speaker Chelsea Peitz. Get noticed in today's noisy industry with "voice first" content...

Chelsea Peitz and Giselle Ugarte join us to discuss shifts in social media strategies. You're quickly learning that what worked in 2018, heck even in 2021, may not work now and in the future.

Are you an agent in need of more social media content? What about content that could be recycled over and over and over again? Start here.

Keep your social media strategy organized with this Weekly Content Calendar.

Are you in a content conundrum? As a real estate agent, you may feel limited on what’s worthy of posting, but that’s not the case! It’s more than just market data and pics of your listings. Content Coach, Chelsea Peitz, has a free guide JAM-PACKED with content ideas, strategies, and tips to captivate your audience.

Take advantage of Instagram and Facebook's story feature and the no-cost branding and exposure by putting to use the strategies and ideas shared in this on-demand webinar!

Let us guide you through the recent changes Facebook has made to its advertising platform so you can continue to grind out your Facebook game like a boss.

Facebook has specific objectives that are important for you, advertisers. Take a look at this step-by-step guide from Travis Thom, Facebook Marketing Strategist, as he dives into each goal and how they can help you win over a Facebook Marketing Campaign.

What is "Social Selling" and how can you leverage it to better your business? Jason Fraizer from The Agent Network explains more in this detailed article!

Courtesy of Katie Lance: Post on social media in the moment or wait and post later? Or, schedule posts out in advance? How do you know what to do and when? Here's a short but sweet article explaining an expert's opinion on this topic.

Courtesy of Katie Lance: Don't let the daily grind stop you from getting the most out of your social media marketing. Here's how to find the time to be creative and boost your social media efforts.

Online ratings, reviews, and testimonials—known collectively as social proof—are some of the most important tools in a small business owner’s arsenal. Here's why they are a must for online success!

Content coach and social media expert, Chelsea Peitz, has a free 3-step course for getting you unstuck.

Technology, marketing, & strategy your real estate business needs!

Being a Real Estate Professional is challenging. Finding the time and technology to stay top of mind and generate new business is a full-time job. Breakthrough Broker is here to help.

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Workbooks, checklists, playbooks, and workshops to support the growth and management of your business.
Easy-to-use marketing technology to create and customize professional marketing designs.
Direct mail marketing services and engaging social media content.

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