If you have a buyer looking for a home in a specific area, send this letter to homeowners to generate new leads.
Send this letter to potential sellers whose listings have expired and may still want to sell their homes.
Learn how Rocket Pro Insight℠ can give you a competitive edge over other agents.
Use this letter to connect with buyers who are under contract and ask for referrals in a polite, tactful manner.
Advertise yourself as your SOI's local go-to agent and expand your possibilities with our all-in-one self-promotional EDDM.
Send this letter to potential sellers who recently put a home on the market and were unable to find a buyer.
Many investors have been waiting for the market to improve before listing their out-of-state properties. Use this letter to give them an invitation to list it with you.
Don't be like the common agent. Take a different approach to your For Sale By Owner prospecting with this progressive, informative letter template.
Are you new in the real estate business? Here is a letter that will let your contacts know you can help them with all of their real estate needs. This letter is unique because it promotes your services without making you sound like a rookie.
Send this letter to neighborhoods where inventory is limited but buyer interest is high to drum up some new listings and find your clients their dream home.
Send out a Home Value Opinion Letter to your SOI, past clients, or farm area to get in contact with potential leads looking to sell while staying top-of-mind.
Let your community and sphere know you're thinking of them during unprecedented times by customizing this 'Here For You' Letter.
Be the agent your SOI turns to during a big life change by sending parents who may be considering a downsize this letter.
Keep it simple and clean - sometimes that's the best way! Expand your stationary with this crisp letterhead design.
Generate new leads and find buyers their dream home when you send out this letter to potential prospects to a specific demographic.
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Real estate letter marketing is a great strategy for numerous reasons, including gaining referrals, prospecting, communicating, and much more. With these simple tricks brought to you by our very own CEO Nathan Froelich and templates already written for you, you will be ecstatic you landed on this page.
Stay up-to-date with this fashionable design! If you're looking for an urban and dapper design, you've found the one!
This letter can be a useful tool to prospect for new listings in areas where the market is heating up but inventory is limited.
Going door to door can be hard when you're not sure what to say. Ease the process by using these marketing and prospecting ideas!
Tactfully ask for referrals and repeat business from recently closed buyer clients by sending them this Closed Buyer Referral letter. This version is informal, so the copy is relaxed and casual.
This modern-styled letterhead features a subtle flower silhouette in the background. If you need to improve the look of your stationary, this is a great place to start.
Stay stylish, stay fresh! Take control of your stationary with this elegant yet simple design...
This simple and unique letterhead includes space for your company logo, business and personal contact information, and your head shot.
If you're looking for a stylish, yet elegant design, then this letterhead was made for you...
A simple, elegant letterhead that includes space for your company logo, business and personal contact information, and your head shot. You can also customize the text and print right at home!
Although unfortunate, divorces occur daily and can be excellent lead sources for your real estate business. Tactfully contact soon-to-be divorcees using this letter template.
Let your buyer and seller clients know you appreciate their business and time, while politely asking for a referral, using this formal Referral Letter Template.
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Need a little help with your door knocking strategy? Here are some unique door to door prospecting ideas that will help get some new names in your book of business!
Reach out to your existing clients who may know someone who is looking to sell with this professional Seller Referral Letter.
If you're looking to gain potential leads in a specific neighborhood, send this market update letter to your target community.
Showcase your value as an agent when you send this letter to potential clients.
If you have a new listing in a specific neighborhood and want to spread to word to potential buyers, then this letter is for you.
Find more seller clients in a desirable neighborhood when you send out a Just Sold Listing Letter that grabs the attention of the community.
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Have you ever sat down to write a follow-up note and simply couldn't get the words out? For a creative spark, check out these examples of the perfect follow-up note.
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Customize this Newsletter Template from top to bottom with your branding, local and relevant stories, and information about a current listing.
This e-newsletter is designed to be emailed to your clients. This month's issue has a feature story about expert decorating tips.
The latest Hometalk template features stories about expert decorating tips, how to make a small space seem bigger, and how to declutter your garage, plus gives you the freedom to create your own content.
This newsletter template includes stories and photos, so all you have to do is add your headshot, logo, and contact information. Then you're ready to send it to your clients!
Send this letter out to past clients to remind them of your services and drum up some referrals.
How do you create a newsletter that converts and that your email subscribers actually want to read? Here are a few options for you to consider!
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Leverage potential clients who may be looking to know the value of their home when you brand and send this letter out to your geographic farm.
Turn renters into homeowners by sending a 'Renter Letter' to apartment communities in the area.
This lead generation letter available in Spanish is completely customizable along with being the perfect tool if you have a buyer looking for a home in a specific neighborhood.
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The News & Views template gives you complete control of your newsletter's content. You can write your own stories to fill out the newsletter, or you can use the stories we provide.
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