Session 2 / Turn Your Real Estate “Pitch” into Money

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What do you do for a living? It’s a simple question and the number one question we get asked in sales.

But how you answer this question either differentiates your services, or groups you in with the thousands of others in your industry as a commodity. Most people fall into the commodity trap by literally saying what they do. “I work in real estate.”

When you study the croc brain, the brain is looking to “eat” or dismiss information as quickly as it can. This part of the brain is fearful and suspicious. Stop giving people reasons to “dismiss” you in the first 30-seconds of a conversation because you tell people what you do rather than what you believe and why you believe it.

Statistics tell us we have anywhere from 10-30 seconds to make a great first impression. And it takes 21 positive interactions to overcome one bad first impression. How we use those first 30-seconds can be a game-changer on how we attract business.

The next time you get asked the “what do you do for a living?” question we want you to be in the mindset of opportunity. We’ve helped clients all over the country “Start with Why” by creating an opportunity statement that helps them stand out in the very first conversation.

The Six Components of a World-Class Opportunity Statement:

  1. Start with what you believe vs. what you do
  2. Tell them why you believe it
  3. Now tell them what you do because of your beliefs
  4. Transition into how you do it differently from others
  5. Build social proof through who you’ve done it for
  6. Finally, ASK for the business once shared beliefs are established

People don’t buy what you do they buy what you do it. Simon Sinek delivered one of the most popular TED Talks ever on “Start with Why.” We’ve bought into this concept and have added a few more layers. Your Opportunity Statement can also serve as your marketing plan.

Your opportunity statement should be tied to your opportunity filter where you have a clear understanding of the exact type of people you want to do business with. These people should share your beliefs. Would you rather know in the first 15 seconds if the person you are meeting for the first time fits your filter or would you rather chase them for 15-months?

Remember, the buyer almost always has an advantage over the seller. When you tell someone what you believe you are really trying to figure out if they share those same beliefs. Once mastered, you are reading their body language to decide if YOU want to do business with them based on shared beliefs (buyer vs. seller).

This concept is much different than the vaunted “elevator pitch” for many reasons, but the two-main being: (1) You start with what you believe vs. what you do, and (2) You ASK them for the business once YOU decide you want to do business with them. An elevator pitch does neither.

We are only looking for people who are looking for us. Master your opportunity statement and the sales process will start to feel much more like natural conversations with people. If someone doesn’t share your same beliefs it doesn’t make them right or you wrong; it just means you aren’t a great fit. Some will. Some won’t. But so what. With over seven billion people on the planet there’s a lot of opportunity in this world. We may as well do business with the people we want to do business with.

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