Session 7 / You Can’t have a Million-Dollar Brand with .50 Cent Packaging

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During the first five production weeks we focused on the knowledge of our systems as a WHOLE Salesperson. Now, in month two, it’s time to execute these systems through your skill-sets.

This week we focus on taking your message to the world through your marketing and branding.

We have more resources than ever before to stand out through. One of those resources is the exact platform you are consuming this content through which is BreakthroughBroker. As we continue to grow our 90-Day Sales Manager business world-wide we consistently focus on the expression, “You can’t have a million-dollar brand with .50 cent packaging.” The reality is, if we don’t control our message through our marketing then someone else will control it for us.

The more I coach people all over the country, the more I realize how many are missing fundamental business knowledge. These are the 2.2MM of change we continue to focus. Most say they know the difference between branding and marketing, but when I ask to explain there’s a blank stare. So let’s reduce marketing and branding to the ridiculous as we get a refresher course on our online and offline brand management.

What is Branding?

Branding comes from your beliefs, your message, and your unique offerings. It’s what you value and stand for both personally and professionally. That’s why we focus so much time during the first month of our program on your opportunity statement and its six components (what you believe, why you believe it, what you do, how you do it different, who you’ve done it for, and asking for the business).

Branding Exercise: When it comes to your personal branding, what characteristics/traits would you want others to think about when they hear your name (or your business name)? Think about this through the lens of your friends, family, peers, or clients. This is the IMAGE you want for yourself.

Brand Alignment: The next question is are you walking the walk on a daily basis when it comes to your own perceived beliefs and values individually? This would be the REPUTATION you are building for yourself long-term. Both your image and your reputation should be in direct alignment.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is taking your brand and your message and pumping it out to the world on a consistent basis through the MANY distribution channels we have in today’s world.

Marketing Exercise: How are you consistently pumping your message out to the world? Do you have a marketing strategy to control your brand message both online and offline?

Marketing Alignment: Is the way in which you are distributing your message to the world match your style and personality?

Emotional Intelligence

When we talk about the brand manager concept, I always find myself talking about social and emotional intelligence because it’s the number one indicator of success. Up to 80 percent of our success is predicated by our emotional intelligence. This is our ability to read other people’s emotions and understand and control our own emotions. Which are undeniably important in managing our brand both online and offline.

There’s a lot of negativity in this world. There’s a lot of drama. There’s a lot of negative energy. I try to move in the opposite direction of all of this. This is especially important in real estate when dealing with such an emotional process for all parties involved including yourself. There’s a lot that can go wrong. There’s a lot of emotions to manage. How we manage both are vital to long-term success as a superstar agent.

When it comes to marketing and branding, I’ve learned that common sense isn’t always common practice. To grow a million-dollar brand it takes attention to detail. It takes time. But it also takes management. What takes years to build can be destroyed overnight. Take control of every aspect of your marketing and branding and have a philosophy when it comes to both your online and offline brand management that’s in direct alignment with where you want to go.

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