Social Media Marketing Tricks for Elite

When it comes to posting on social media, do you remember the 30/70 rule: 30% business and 70% personal content? However, now that consumers have begun to identify and ignore business posts, the rule has shifted closer to 10/90.

With so much digital content being placed in front of them daily, consumers are skipping over straight-forward, business-focused content and are more interested in the type of content they can engage with, such as funny posts, reaction posts, and videos.

So, how can your agents catch their audience's attention while still promoting their RE business? Breakthrough Broker's Co-Founder Nathan Froelich highlights content and strategies you can share with your agents to help spruce up their social media pages and increase their audience's engagement, all still while promoting their RE business.

In this video, Nathan highlights the following content items and the various ways you can introduce them to your agents.

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