The Power Of A Strategic Gift

Customer experience is a huge factor in whether or not you will cultivate a lifelong relationship and secure a solid referral source. As human beings, we tend to remember the emotional aspects of an interaction, not just the logical ones. Years down the road, your clients will remember how you made them feel more than the amazing price you negotiated for them or the way you saved the transaction during the inspection process. They will remember the dinner you took them to after a long day of looking at homes. The coffee you had waiting for them during early Saturday morning showings. And the case of wine you delivered after losing their first multiple-offer situation. By being in tune to the emotional side of the transaction, you will create an amazing customer experience and a lifelong referral partner.

I call it strategic gifting because this type of gift may not come at the closing table, but at the perfect time of need.

Below are a few things to consider when sending a gift like this:

  1. Listen. Actually listen to what your clients say. What do they like? What could help them?
  2. Timeliness. During or right after a good or bad experience with the transaction is a great opportunity for a gift. Or, good or bad life experience during the transaction.
  3. Relevance. Does the gift apply to your audience and is it something they'd use or consume?
  4. Wow factor. Is the gift memorable or have a long-term use? Will they remember you down the road for giving them this gift?

Frankly, I instantly thought of my gift giving opportunity when Alex showed me this new premium wine in a can from WineSociety. I went back to dozens and dozens of times in my career that a gift like this would have been perfect. My clients would have LOVED me! To try this great strategic gift on your clients, click here.

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