The 4-Hour Workday with Dr. Bruce Lund

There are numerous ways to drastically drive up sales, generate leads, and gain more momentum for growing a killer business. Watch this short video with Dr. Bruce Lund as he highlights the following:

  • The 4-hour workday concept
  • A proactive prospecting selling system
  • Professional habits, behaviors, and routines
  • Managing a CRM
  • And MUCH more!

Eager to learn more? We hope so!

If you're looking to expand your business, take charge of the market, gain leads, and generate more sales than this 90-Day Sales Plan is for you.

A guide is always helpful (no pun intended)!

We want you to know the 5-habits of highly effective people, a chance to help you create a 90-day sales plan and a 90-day business plan.

About Bruce:

Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the world. Dr. Bruce earned a Ph.D. in Human Performance at age 29 and became one of the youngest program directors in the Texas A&M University System. He was then recruited back into corporate America to help grow a multi-million-dollar sales and manager training company as head trainer and VP of Sales. In 2017, Dr. Bruce moved from Nashville to Denver to launch 90-Day Sales Manager. Since that time, he has helped thousands of brand-new salespeople and mid-level producers become top-producers by adopting his 90-Day Selling System. Members of his community are 5x more likely to reach their sales goals, and 6x more productive in their daily activities.

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Book Dr. Bruce to Speak:

Dr. Bruce is trusted as the official selling system for some of the most well-respected companies in the housing and banking industry including Homebot, BreakthroughBroker, and National MI. He has spoken on some of the largest stages in the country such as the Los Angeles Convention Center and New York City Marriot Marquis with some of the largest associations including Million Dollar Roundtable with over 65,000 members world-wide.