The New Normal is the Future

There are numerous ways to drastically drive up sales, generate leads, and keep the momentum going during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Watch this short video with Dr. Bruce Lund as he highlights the following during this "new normal."

  • How the "new normal" can change your life
  • How to stay proactive during a now virtual industry
  • Creating opportunities during this time
  • Staying efficient and grabbing on to new skills
  • And MUCH more!

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The New Normal IS Your Future

You’ve probably heard the expression “the new normal” dozens of times over the past month. I believe the new normal will change your life, for the better, if you learn from it. But not in the way you are used to hearing.

Let me explain…

There’s no denying we’ve changed the way we work. Likely forever. And that can be a great thing. There will be more “work from home” freedoms. Brick and mortar. High-speed in-home internet. Video chats and Facetimes. All of which, if leveraged properly, will allow you to be much more efficient.

For those who work in large cities traffic is worse than ever. This new normal will give you permission to take virtual coffee meetings and happy hours. And it won’t be seen as transactional or lazy but as more efficient. We aren’t as afraid or hard on ourselves to “just hit record” and not worry about our videos being “perfect.”

So many top producers I’ve coached over the past three years have set career highs in production numbers year after year. This sounds great “on-paper” but to what cost? They’ve admittedly developed bad habits and pushed themselves to the brink of burnout.

Skill-Up or Scale-Out

I read a quote at the start of COVID that said something like this, “If you won’t come out of this with a new skill or a side hustle it was never lack of time. But lack of discipline.” Luckily, I read that early on and it pushed me to launch a 28-Day Challenge for our 90-Day Sales community.

I’ve personally spent 90-minutes a day learning new skills or systems. Mainly centered on digital marketing and database management tools. For the past year, I’ve been “shoulding” on myself as my good friend Eric Sachs would say. I no longer have “fear of missing out” because I understand how basics of digital marketing work such as paid ads, landing pages, funnels, pixels, and retargeting works.

I tell you this because I want the same thing for you and your business. What’s stopping any of us from blocking “personal development” time into our calendar every, single, day? We teach this as part of our 4-Hour Workday.

I ask you, what’s the biggest skill or system that would help you play at the next level? To skill-up or scale-out your business. There’s still time. That’s the new normal.

About Bruce:

Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the country. Bruce earned a Ph.D. in Human Performance and prides himself on having the heart of a teacher as a former professor in the Texas A&M system. For the past five years, he’s focused his attention solely on helping individuals working in commoditized industries differentiate through entrepreneur and sales coaching. 90-Day Sales Manager is one of the fastest-growing training programs for solopreneurs. Get FREE access to our Sales Plan and Selling System HERE.

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