Top 5 Marketing Letters on Breakthrough Broker

Below you'll find five of our top real estate marketing letters and some creative real estate marketing ideas to go with each letter.

Keep in mind we provide:

  • Professional mailing services which will allow you to edit the letter
  • Upload a mailing list you already have
  • Purchase a mailing list

Once you've complete your order these will be printed on heavy weight paper, folded and sealed, and mailed via first class postage.

Home Value Opinion Letter

This letter reminds your prospects all the reasons they need to know the value of their home.

This will position you as the expert they will turn to for all their real estate needs.

Extra tips:

Do you have a home value landing page?

Consider inviting them to simply "Text me your address and I'll get you a report."


Market Update Letter

Demonstrate you're the local expert when you send this letter to your sphere or your farm area.

Consumers are always curious about the real estate market and this is a great way to get the conversation going. Ensure this letter is specific to your farm area by being informative and specific.

Extra tip:

Read the call to action in the second to last paragraph and consider making in more personal! Use verbiage like, "I'd love to catch up over coffee, text me and let's find a time to meet."


New Agent

As a new agent you've got to get the word out that you are a real estate agent and you've got to use multiple channels of communication.

No better way to get the word out about your new position as a real estate agent than a proper letter. Direct mail is a great tool as it cuts through social media and email. This letter is carefully positioned to avoid using the word "new" and focuses on your enthusiasm to better serve your clients.


Low Inventory

Due to COVID-19, many markets are seeing incredibly low inventory. This is causing a very strong sellers market in numerous areas across the country. Be sure to review the content of this letter closely and customize for your local market conditions.


The Magic Letter

From years of Realtor feedback we know this is one of the most effective letters we offer. If you have a buyer interested in a specific area, use this letter to prospect current homeowners who are perhaps, "thinking of selling."

Remember you must have a real buyer looking in the area. If you have homeowners contact you be genuine regarding their needs. Also, be prepared to have a follow up plan after you learn a little about the sellers situation. This process is similar to working with FSBO's, over time they will list their home with the agent who stays in touch.