Top Five SOI Marketing Ideas

Are you staying memorable and relevant to your SOI (sphere of influence)?

What was the last interaction they had with you or your brand? This is a critical question you should periodically ask yourself. When you consider the high quality of business that comes from your SOI (direct or referral), committing to SOI marketing should be a foregone conclusion. Here are our top five SOI marketing ideas!

Just Listed, Just Sold, or Proof of Production.

Without a doubt, notifying your sphere of influence of recent listings and sales is important, whether you use a postcard, flyer, or social media message. While this is a “traditional” technique, the thing we love about these marketing messages is they validate you are out in the market doing business. Consumers want to work with successful agents. Plus, as an added benefit, you don’t have to spend too much time coming up with a marketing concept. It’s a fast and easy way to add a quality touchpoint with your SOI.

Phone calls and text messages.

You have an incredibly powerful tool in the palm of your hand that connects you instantly to your SOI. Making intentional, thoughtful calls or text messages to your SOI is both effective and cost-effective. Consider reaching out for birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, or even a post-sale follow-up call at 90 days. Think about calling in the afternoon when your contact may be driving home from work or other times of the day when they may be less busy. Your SOI will be happy to hear from you.

Letter from the heart.

While this may not be for everyone, we believe in the timeless adage that consumers choose agents who they “know, like, and trust”. A letter from the heart can take the form of an update on your life events, both personal and professional. This can be mailed or emailed to your SOI. Email is more cost-effective, of course, but receiving it in the mail may give it a more personal, sentimental feel.

Client appreciation party.

In one case study, a Colorado agent felt her highest-performing marketing effort was hosting an annual party. She stated she directly attributed referrals to her SOI who would attend the annual party. “Like clockwork, every year after the party I get 3 to 5 referrals, and then those turn into past clients who refer me more business.” This marketing method leans on the “law of reciprocity” which makes everybody involved feel good.

Leverage social media.

Connect with your SOI on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Make the effort to engage authentically with them and their lives. Write thoughtful comments or replies on their Facebook or Instagram posts. Reach out on LinkedIn and congratulate them on their new job or promotion. Finally, don’t be afraid to message them with an offer to make professional introductions—after all, you’re one of the most well-connected people in town!

When you make the effort to be invested in your SOI’s lives, they are much more likely to think of you when it comes to buying or selling a home. After all, who better to counsel them through one of life’s biggest decisions than an agent (or even better, a friend) who is familiar with their specific circumstances?

Many businesses carefully calculate their cost of acquisition as it relates to getting each new customer. This is a key metric that directly influences the profitability of a business. While some marketing methods, like direct mail or events, have an investment cost, others, like phone calls or social media reach-outs, are free. A healthy balance of all these methods will help you build and maintain quality relationships with your SOI, keeping your pipeline—and your pocketbook—full.