Using Craigslist to Capture Leads

craigslist playbook

Buyers on Craigslist outrank other leads in every statistical story.

  • Higher percentage are college-educated.
  • They typically have a higher credit score.
  • They earn 20 percent more per year.

Here's how the Craigslist Playbook works:

  1. Borrow a listing.
  2. Post the ad on Craigslist.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

Learn how to get a simple, free Craigslist ad working for you in under 5 minutes.

Why run your listings on Craigslist?
- Craigslist is free.
- If you take 90 minutes a week, your ROI will increase significantly.
- You could potentially have 10 buyers and 3 listing leads per week.

About Chris Jones

Chris Jones is Founder of Guerilla Realty, creator of popular tools such as Fizbonanza, ListingCake, and Pipeline Database. Chris is obsessed with lead generation strategies. Every year he tests dozens of new strategies, distills the best into simple repeatable formulas (aka "Playbooks"), and publishes the results to his private email list. You can contact him directly at chris@guerillarealty.com.

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