We're Selling Our Home Facebook Posts

"We're Selling Our Home" Facebook Shareable
So long traditional listing marketing. Instead, take advantage of the digital world and various audiences by creating this "We're Selling Our Home" Facebook post for your clients to share on their personal pages. Talk about the perfect way to not only promote the property and add a little extra value for your clients, but also do some seamless self-promo.

Getting Started

To create this shareable, you will need a photo of the property, your logo, and your contact information.

Once you are done with your project, you can share it with your clients in two ways. You can download the finished project as a JPEG and attach it to an email or you can email the finished project to your clients by using our "Email to List" function. For this option, select "Email to List", then select "Add Contacts" and enter your client's name and email in the form. Please note, the second option doesn't allow you to include extra copy in the body of the email, so be sure to let your clients know to expect an email from Breakthrough Broker with their shareable attached.

If you send this photo to your clients through your personal email, we suggest including an intro like this, "I created this Facebook graphic you can use to share the news of your home being listed for sale. Just save the attached file to your computer or phone and then post to Facebook if you'd like."