We're Selling Our Home in Spanish

"Nuestra Casa Se Encuentra En Venta" Social Shareable
Leverage your seller’s social media feeds as additional marketing channels to promote your new listing and yourself seamlessly with the help of these “Nuestra Casa Se Encuentra En Venta” (We’re Selling Our Home) social media posts. These Instagram and Facebook posts are designed to be shared on your clients' social media channels. Find instructions below on how to deliver these images to them!

4 ways to get these images to your clients!


  1. Use our text-to-self feature to text your finished images to yourself and save them on your phone. From there, text or email your clients the images with a friendly note like, “I'm so excited to assist with the sale of your home! Let's spread the word. Attached are images I created for you to share on your social media pages if you wish. I am publishing similar promo posts on my social media pages. Together we'll get your home sold in no time!"
  2. If you've given your clients the heads up that you are creating these for them, use our text-to-self feature to send the finished images directly to your clients. Simply enter their phone numbers and push send!
  3. Send the finished Instagram photo directly to them through Instagram direct message. Text the finished IG post to yourself using our text-to-self feature. Save the image on your phone. Open the IG app and select the “Direct Message” arrow in the top right corner. Search for your client's IG profile and send them the photo. In the copy of the message, tactfully ask your clients if they would give you a shout out in the post caption with an @ back to you.
  4. Similar to above, send your clients the finished Facebook photo using Facebook Messenger. Text the finished post to yourself using our text-to-self feature. Save the image on your phone. Open the Facebook app and select the Messenger bubble in the top right corner. Search for your client and send them the photo. If you client agrees to share the photo, be sure to share the link to find their property online.

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