What is Momentum?

By: Bruce Lund

I want to bring you a 90-second clip for 90-Day Sales. Today’s topic is MOMENTUM.

When it comes to asking for more responsibility or for more business, I often believe that we get what we want in life by simply asking for it. And not enough people are actually asking for the business.

What is Momentum?

What is momentum? Momentum is just “energy” that’s moving in one direction or another. It’s either moving in a positive or negative direction.

Now obviously, we want momentum to be working in a positive direction. So a lot of times, I talk about how do we get, keep, and maintain momentum on our side.

To me, it comes down to doing the daily disciplines and activities. I believe business should be boring “on paper.” A lot of us have to get back to the blocking and tackling and the basics of our business every single day, to go out there. One of our biggest success stories is Chad Nash who, as a real estate rookie, did over 30 deals in his very first year. He credits our daily selling system and treating his business like a business every day.

Treat Your Business Like a Business

And that’s the mindset then; what is the highest use of your time right now to go out there and generate new business? How do you get momentum on your side? It starts with daily wins. Remember, momentum is just energy moving in one direction or the other.

Frustration then, is just misguided enthusiasm.

Frustration isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means you care. A lot of us become frustrated which causes a breakdown vs. a breakthrough. Channel your frustration and move in the opposite direction of the negativity.

Think about the daily things that you just don’t enjoy doing, that if I could cut it out, if I could eliminate it, if I could reduce, if I could outsource, my life would be a whole lot better; but you got to slow down to speed up.

You got to slow down to really ask yourself, “What are those different things in my day-to-day operations that I don’t want to be doing, nor should I be doing?” Right? Or, if they are important for me, because I’m not naïve to think every single thing in our business should be outsourced, or that we shouldn’t be doing it, because there’s always so many things that you have to … You just got to dig in the trenches and to the heavy-lifting even when you don’t feel like it.

Is Your Momentum Positive or Negative?

That’s my question to you; is momentum right now moving in the right direction, or is it moving in the wrong direction? Are you frustrated?

Slow down to speed up

Slow down and ask yourself, “What are the daily things that I enjoy doing? What are the daily things that I don’t enjoy doing? Are they ultra important for my business? If I can cut back or eliminate or reduce something, would that benefit me long-term?”

Personal Example: For me and my business, I think about videos. As much as videos are important to my business and our reach, I don’t necessarily love doing videos everyday. So if I can sit down and do three-hours worth of videos every month rather than everyday, and make them evergreen (reusable) then that can be a solution to my frustration. Or maybe I do a 60-second video instead of feeling overwhelmed by doing a five-minute video. But that’s the mindset for me, when it comes to all these different things in our business; is double down on things that you really enjoy, and eliminate or reduce the things that you don’t enjoy, and good things will happen for you at some point into the future.

Your 90-Day Sales Manager – Bruce Lund, PhD

About Bruce:

Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the world. Dr. Bruce earned a Ph.D. in Human Performance at age 29 and became one of the youngest program directors in the Texas A&M University System. He was then recruited back into corporate America to help grow a multi-million-dollar sales and manager training company as head trainer and VP of Sales.

In 2017, Dr. Bruce moved from Nashville to Denver to launch 90-Day Sales Manager. Since that time, he has helped thousands of brand-new salespeople and mid-level producers become top-producers by adopting his 90-Day Selling System. Members of his community are 5x more likely to reach their sales goals, and 6x more productive in their daily activities.

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