Your Breakthrough Is Coming

By: Bruce Lund

I can almost guarantee that as a realtor you’ve felt this way:

  • Don’t feel like you’re making progress.
  • Always in a grind for the next sale.
  • Frustrated with the sales rollercoaster of the seasons.

Real estate can be a frustrating industry to get started in and stay with.

In my mind, frustration is just misguided enthusiasm.

As a sales training coach, I also have frustration. I’m trying to sell an intangible item! But I’ve chosen to look at my business this way: I’m just one phone call, email, meeting, event, video, or activity away from going to the next level.

Bill Gates once said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

That’s why so many people get started in real estate, but they give up right before a breakthrough happens. They get excited for the prospect of selling houses, earning a big commission check, and helping thousands of people cause that’s what everybody else is doing. The biggest problem is: they think real estate is easy (and it’s not).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the stats on realtor retention. Almost 90% of new realtors call it quits before the end of their first year. That is crazy, but not shocking to me at all.

More and more, real estate is becoming a robotic factory of the people saying the same old things that crowd your Facebook news feed:

  • “If you know anyone looking for a house, let me know.”
  • “I’m here for all your real estate needs.”

And the list goes on from there.

But do you see how stale and boring that is? Does that stir any kind of excitement in you? Probably not.

How about starting with something we call an Opportunity Statement? It’s a six-part statement that I teach in my sales training program that will help you stand out in the very first conversation (or opportunity) you have with a prospective client.

Here’s an example: “I believe people make bad home-buying decisions when they get emotional. Because of that belief, I’ve made it my mission to help eliminate emotions from the home-buying process to allow for confidence, clarity, and a feeling of buyer-rejoice (and not remorse). I’m a real estate agent for 123 Agency that specializes in helping first-time homebuyers find a perfect place to start their family. We’re different than other real estate agencies in that we provide a $10,000 first-time homebuyer credit towards to purchase of a new home. In just a short time, I’ve helped hundreds of new couples, like yourself, get into their first home, even when they didn’t think they would be able to do so. If I can help you find and purchase your first home like I’ve helped so many others, what would stop us from getting started?”

Do you see how much more interesting this Opportunity Statement is? And it can (and should) be used everywhere in your marketing!

The goal is to align your beliefs with other people. In just a few minutes you can easily know if you’re dealing with someone who you can (and want) to do business with.

This week, my challenge for you is this:

  • Stand out vs. fit in with your marketing.
  • Stick with it to reach your next breakthrough.
  • If you’re frustrated, seek out inspiration.
  • Find a good coach and mentor that can help you.

And just so you know, every week my goal is to bring you motivation and inspiration to help you break through to the next level in your business.

If you need motivation, come back and view my blog each week, listen to inspirational podcasts, or read inspirational books.

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Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the country. Bruce earned a PhD in Human Performance, and prides himself on having the heart of a teacher as a former professor in the Texas A&M system. For the past five years he’s focused his attention solely on helping individuals working in commoditized industries differentiate through entrepreneur and sales coaching. 90-Day Sales Manager is one of the fastest growing training programs for solopreneurs. Get FREE access to our Sales Plan and Selling System HERE.

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