So who's in charge of this thing, anyway?

Eric Sachs and Nathan Froelich seemed an unlikely pair to start a successful real estate company. Eric, a police officer of 13 years, went into real estate as a hobby and soon found it to be a second full-time job. Nathan, an auto mechanic by trade, grew tired of working under cars during the long Colorado winters and thought he would give real estate a try.

The two friends were initially working with large real estate brands, but soon decided to open a company of their own in Northern Colorado: Infinity Group Realty. The two had a vision of an agent-centric company with a culture of teamwork and common success.

While running a top producing sales team of their own, Eric and Nathan grew Infinity Group to over 35 agents during one of the most challenging times the real estate industry has ever experienced. Their company grew quickly and became one of the largest independents in the area.

It was during this rapid growth the two realized their passion: training and contributing to the success of fellow agents. In December 2010, Infinity Group Realty was acquired by a large franchise, and Eric and Nathan went to work for the new company as managers and trainers.

It was during this transition that the idea of was born.

Our mission is a free, all-encompassing resource center for real estate professionals. Site visitors can Create marketing materials such as brochures and newsletters, find the tools necessary to Succeed in the business, Learn from industry leaders, and Share their ideas with fellow agents.

The vision for is to become a platform that agents seek on a daily basis. Collaboration and contributions from agents across the United States will continue making the site bigger and better.

The site has the ability to recognize where agents are logging in from, and will do its best to deliver material relevant to each agent's market. As the site grows we will continue building out content for new areas. Be on the look out for new valuable features and content in the near future.

Our team

Nathan and Eric didn’t create alone. As a matter of fact, they have a whole bunch of smart people who helped make the whole thing possible.

Ethan Conley, (Also known as EthCon One). He's a former journalist who arrived in the Mile High City by way of Michigan and Louisiana. Upon interviewing Ethan, Eric and Nathan knew he would fit right in and make the site cool.

Shannon Lemon also known as M.O.E. (Manager of Everything) is our VP of Client Relations. She has her hands full and always manages to keep a smile on her face.

Jacqueline Madrid - JM is the one we call our Online Media Specialist. She doesn't like Mondays but works like a well oiled machine the rest of the week, and we appreciate her for that.

David Parnell - Our Customer Service Guru. Always upbeat and happy-go-lucky, unless he is stuck behind a bad driver - you know who you are. Thoughtful and proactive, he will always go above and beyond to address all of your concerns. Definitely a great addition to our dynamic team!

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