So who's in charge of this thing, anyway?

Breakthrough Broker was founded when two friends, Eric Sachs and Nathan Froelich, shared a common belief that every agent could have a successful, kick ass career in real estate if they had the right training, tools, and resources available. Thus, was born, well let’s say created.

Breakthrough Broker is an all-encompassing resources center for real estate professionals. Site visitors can Create marketing materials such as brochures and newsletters, find the tools necessary to Succeed in the business, Learn from industry leaders, and Share their ideas with fellow agents.

In its simplest form, Breakthrough Broker is the most complete resource for any agent who wants to be excellent in their career. With access to over 150 different business development tools and easily customizable marketing materials, agents have a new weapon to use against the beast named “Defeat”, and it’s fully loaded.

At Breakthrough Broker we pride ourselves at being the best we can be, so you can be the best agent you can be. From the Breakthrough Broker team to you, here is to your success!

Meet our founders

Eric Sachs, President and Co-Founder

Eric is the leading man in all operations including sales, business development, client relations, and all legal processes. Side note about Eric: he has a profound love for Kettle chips, occasionally reminiscences about his days as a detective, has the biggest heart, and is one heck of a dad. Eric’s drive, passion, and ambition are traits that have truly contributed to the overall success of the company.

Nathan Froelich, CEO and Co-Founder

Nathan leads the company’s revenue, business development functions, and the progression of the website. A little about him: he loves boating, uses sayings that would make someone born after 1990 scratch their heads, is a pretty funny guy, and he always keeps his family first. Innovative and devoted, Nathan oversees the growth of the company and all employees – and he is pretty damn good at it.