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WEBINAR: Leadership Strategies to Drive Profit in Today's Market

Attention: Brokerage Aspiring Leaders, Leaders, and Owners! This leadership webinar is for you.

As the market has shifted so has the production and profit margins of Real Estate Companies and Teams. Join Dan Elzer, President of The Training Academy as he shares three areas to focus on that will drive profit and productivity while increasing your market dominance.

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Real Estate Commission Sheets

Here's a quick video showcasing Breakthrough Broker's new commission sheet template.

These are a great way to show your clients EXACTLY what they're going to get as far as services offered.

The editable template can be found here.


In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, staying on the cutting edge is crucial. Breakthrough Broker understands this reality and has launched a newly upgraded version of our online template editor.

This move is in line with our underlying mission: to simplify, innovate, and, most importantly, cater directly to the needs of our core members — real estate professionals like YOU!

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NEW Postcards

1st Time Homebuyer Postcard - Promote your homebuyer classes with this clean, modern design.

The Montage “Just Listed” QR Postcard - Give your listings the attention they deserve with this beautiful QR ready postcard.

The Event Invitation Postcard - Promote your client events or open houses with this stylish invite.

NEW Self Promotional Content

The Ace Textable Card - Share these business cards to & from mobile devices with ease.

The Bold Business Card - Start new conversations with this bold design.

The Tech Email Signature - Your branded digital mark in every email you send.

NEW Flyers & Community Reports

The Bauhaus QR Flyer - Create captivating listing, open house and self promotional QR code ready flyers.

The "Index" Community Report - Showcase the nearby amenities of any property with one of these community reports.

The “Hello Neighbor” Flyer - Educate the neighborhood with this Real Estate Investing seminar invite.

Technology, marketing, & strategy your real estate business needs!

Being a Real Estate Professional is challenging. Finding the time and technology to stay top of mind and generate new business is a full-time job. Breakthrough Broker is here to help.

Equipped with features such as:

Workbooks, checklists, playbooks, and workshops to support the growth and management of your business.
Easy-to-use marketing technology to create and customize professional marketing designs.
Direct mail marketing services and engaging social media content.

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