So who's in charge of this thing, anyway?

Founded by former REALTORS® Eric Sachs and Nathan Froelich, BreakthroughBroker.com was inspired by the belief that every agent could have a successful career in real estate if they had access to the right information, tools, and resources. The business partners were committed to providing a solution to help agents just like them excel in a competitive industry.

So what is BreakthroughBroker.com?

As a real estate agent, ask yourself what is the biggest challenge you are facing with your real estate business. Are you struggling with lead generation through social media? Do you need fresh marketing materials for you and your properties? Do you want tips and tools to be more productive in your day-to-day work life? Our goal is to help you overcome those challenges. BreakthroughBroker.com has strategies, tips, tools, tutorials, plans, resources, and more to guide you through every facet of your real estate career. We also have a proprietary marketing material generator which takes the headache out of graphic design and allows you to secure professional, effective materials with ease. In short, we are here to make your life easier! 

Sound great? Well, we haven’t even told you the best part yet! When Sachs and Froelich partnered up to create Breakthrough Broker, they saw an opportunity for a new business model. They made the daring decision to charge NO subscription fee for the use of BreakthroughBroker.com.

Sound too good to be true? Are you wondering how in the world can they pull that off, just like their families were asking when they formed the idea? Well, BreakthroughBroker.com drives revenue through consulting, advertising, and its professional printing options. Simply put, here at Breakthrough Broker, we help companies stay in front of real estate agents in their local market.

There really is no catch. Just great resources to help you become a successful real estate agent at no cost to you! Check it out!


Meet Eric and Nathan

Eric Sachs
President and Co-Founder

Eric leads all operations here at Breakthrough Broker, including sales, business development, and client relations. He has a profound love for kettle chips, occasionally reminiscences about his days as a detective, and is one heck of a dad. Eric’s drive and passion are just some of his traits that have contributed to the overall success of the company.

Nathan Froelich
CEO and Co-Founder

Nathan leads the company’s revenue, employment development, and the progression of the website. He is a genuine guy who loves boating, enjoys classic movies like Office Space, and keeps his family first. Innovative and devoted, Nathan is damn good at taking Breakthrough Broker to the next level.

Meet the Team

General Manager

Jacqueline, fondly known as JM, is Breakthrough Broker’s most senior team member. She’s been involved in essentially every aspect of the business from the beginning. Throughout her career journey, she’s assisted in the growth and profit of the company. Her current role is focused on all things operations, including (but definitely not limited to) marketing, content, IT projects, business development, and so much more. She always goes the extra mile to ensure that all her team members are happy (which includes an abundance of birthday celebrations, happy hours, work parties, and events). She is a true team player and the glue that keeps our team together and on the path to success.

Account Manager

Every company needs a Laura and we're pretty sure we found the best one. She is in charge of making sure our advertising clients have a great experience and that the wheels don't fly off the BreakthroughBroker.com bus. Laura is always there when you need her, making her an incredible asset to our team and yours.

Customer Service Specialist

When they say you have to listen, be patient, and really care about the person you're helping to provide great customer service, they must have been describing Kyle. He takes every customer service request to heart and truly cares about our users. He does all this with a great attitude, also making him a great person to spend your work day with.

Digital Marketing and Content Coordinator

Natalie, who brought her charismatic, bubbly, and creative self from Michigan has joined the BB team to assist in all sorts of fun projects like content development, social media strategy, and email marketing. She also has a knack for creating a unique voice for the company. Additionally, Natalie is an outdoor enthusiast who will never say no to a strenuous hike, bike or run.

Sara Hass
Project Manager

With Sara’s super organized, versatile skills she makes the perfect Project Manager! Her laid-back attitude is the perfect balance for this crazy BB team! She worked in the tech industry for more than 8 years in various areas including product development and human resources. Sara loves tending to her garden on the weekend with her two kiddos and Shadow the pittie.

Graphic Designer

Say hello to our creative, detail-oriented CA implant. He’s spent the last year traveling around Europe and the U.S. then landed right in our office! To keep that CA physique, Reed bikes to work every day. With all that energy, he’s implemented some inspiring ideas that the BB crew can’t get enough of. Although he may judge your font choice, we’re happy to have this design ninja by our side.


Marcela is the gal in charge of ongoing account management, working closely with our clients to assist them in any way possible and ensure everything runs smoothly. She still dabbles on the content side a little, ensuring our social posts, articles, and emails are free of embarrassing typos. We’re quite lucky to have her.

Email Content and Data Specialist

There are certain people who have a knack for detail and organization and Jezzy is certainly one of them. She can shred through more information in a few hours than most people could in a few days. She's incredibly helpful and never backs down from a challenge.

Midnight Marie
Team Morale

Meet Midnight Marie, one of the best and sometimes worst dogs around! With a Border Collie mind, this pup is too smart for her own good. Midnight loves to give and receive love. Outside of work, you can find Midnight chasing a ball at the dog park or with a chew toy.