Expert Interview: Preparing for interviews and winning listings

Preparing for interviews and facing the competition

In our latest video we speak with Katie Essman, who works in the professional staffing field as a Branch Manager for Robert Half International. We talk with Katie about interview preparation and techniques, and about standing out from the competition.

Here are Katie's key points:

  • A good interview starts with your self presentation. Are you making good eye contact? Do you have a good, firm handshake? Are you dressed appropriately?
  • List your significant accomplishments. You want to show the prospective client that you're an expert in your field and will keep their best interests at heart throughout the home sale process.
  • Prepare for an interview by researching the market as well as the client. Use social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to find out more about the person.
  • The fact that you're competing with other agents for a listing or buyer client doesn't have to be the elephant in the room. Compare and contrast your strengths with those and other agents, and stress how the services you offer are different. Just don't bash the competition—focus on what makes you great.
  • Katie says LinkedIn is an underutilized tool for real estate agents. LinkedIn is a great place to connect to new people and keep track of potential clients' career moves. LinkedIn can even email you daily reports of which people in your network have changed jobs.

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Great Advice

Katie Essman gave great advice for ANY industry. Social Media is HOT and why not take advantage of LinkedIn for your businesses? Great interview Eric Sachs!

Posted by Jackie on May 14, 2012 | 10:36 AM

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