Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to have a free website for agents? is completely free, no catch, no strings attached because we are supported by industry affiliates such as Mortgage Companies, Title Companies, Home Warranty Companies and so on. These companies subscribe to our agentENGAGE system which provides them with tools to build relationships with agents.

Why am I not seeing local content specific to my area?

There are two reasons you may not be seeing local content.

  1. has not yet launched locally in your area. However, the site will be launching in new regions throughout the country over the course of the next year. The best way to get your region or local market on the map is to submit content.
  2. Our geocoding system is not recognizing your location. Try manually entering your zip code into the zip code field located on the right side of the page (below the main navigation tabs).  

Why am I am not seeing any events in my area?

Similar to the previous question about local content, either your location is not being recognized or has yet to launch local content in your area. Please submit any events in your area to help get the ball rolling!

Do I have to pay for printing marketing materials?

You can create and customize marketing materials, and then download a free PDF version of your created item and print it yourself. If you want to order prints, you may do so through the design print center and have them shipped to your address.

Can I save the marketing materials that I create on

Currently, our Create system does not have the ability to save documents. The reason for this is that—in an effort to make the site as accessible and easy-to-use as possible—we don’t require any login information. If you feel that providing login information and being able to save Create items would improve your experience, please send us feedback.  

How do I submit a blog post?

Click the submit ideas button that is located on every page but the home page. You can upload saved documents using the contribute form, or you can paste plain text into the feedback/comments form.

I submitted a blog and I haven’t seen it on the site yet. Why is that? receives many content contributions from throughout the country. We try to post the most pertinent and valuable content for the real estate community. If you submitted content, it may be in queue to be published. If we choose not to post submitted content, we try our best to get back to the content provider and explain our reasoning.  

Why am I seeing advertisements?

In addition to providing agents with the best free resource on the web, we also wanted to help great companies get connected with agents in local markets. The companies who sponsor understand that agents are great at building networks in the community, and they want to earn your referrals. The sponsors on our site make it possible for us to provide you with new tools and ideas to help you be more successful, so the next time you're giving a vendor referral, give our sponsors a shot.

I can’t find the business plan or other items that the site mentions.

Certain pages, such as the business plan or the accounting workbook, have an associated download located at the bottom of the page. Use this download section to obtain PDFs of our guidebooks, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

I can't open a file I downloaded from the site

You may need to update your Adobe software. It is free software that opens PDF documents, which is the file format we use for our downloadable guidebooks.

Other files, such as Excel workbooks and Powerpoint presentations, require that you have those respective programs installed on your computer. However, you should be able to open most of our downloadable files by using Google Docs.

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