How To: Direct Mail Marketing

In the video below we show you how to use the Create system to customize a newsletter with your personal image, contact information and branding related items.

Once you have finished customizing your newsletter, we demonstrate how easy it is to upload your contact list to finalize the process. By uploading your contact list, you will be able to send a personalized newsletter to your sphere with just a few clicks.

In addition to this feature, our professional print department will:

  • Print
  • Fold
  • Seal (also known as tabs)
  • Address
  • Apply Postage
  • And ship your polished looking letter!

Ask yourself what your time is worth? To simplify your marketing efforts, start by checking out this how-to video tutorial.

Then, click the button below to create your personalized newsletter. The newsletters are updated monthly with new professionally written stories, completely royalty free.

Comments (4)

Glad I found you guys! Thanks.

Found this site a couple weeks ago and I'm glad I did. Thanks guys for putting together such a resourceful site,and for free too? AWESOME! Already put together my first newsletter and I'm looking forward to the next one. Lots of cool stuff here, can't wait to see what else is coming.

Posted by Scott Guyson on February 27, 2013 | 4:20 PM

Thank you

Scott, thank you for the great comment! We are working hard to give agents the best FREE content in the country. Let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see on the site.

Posted by Breakthrough Broker on February 28, 2013 | 7:25 AM

What a great product

I was looking for an easy do it myself newsletter and templates when I came across this site. It offers more than I was looking for. I can't wait to print out the First issue of my newsletter. Thank you so much this is really a great tool.

Posted by Mani Souls on March 25, 2013 | 2:04 PM

Great website!

I can't believe I didn't find you before, given the amount of searching I do for marketing help! Way cool templates! I am on my way now to create some brochures, and I've been needing help with a marketing plan. Plus, I decided to use Podio for a CRM and the whole real estate business but still needed support, an here you are with 2 great articles already made for me! Yay!! Thank you so much Nathan! :)

Posted by Tara on May 12, 2013 | 5:27 AM

Thanks Tara!

Hi Tara, Thank you for the great comment. We love to hear the tools on BB are helping agents succeed.

Posted by Breakthrough Broker on May 14, 2013 | 10:08 AM

These are so handy

This is great! Captivating, clean, good looking layouts and the templates are all very user friendly. Thank you.

Posted by Angela Arquilla on October 4, 2012 | 7:51 AM

Thanks Angela

Angela, we are happy you are finding our content helpful! Keep coming back as there is much more to come.

Posted by Breakthrough Broker on October 5, 2012 | 10:17 PM

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