Contemporary "Home For Sale" Brochure with Team Branding

Contemporary "Home For Sale" Team Brochure with Team Branding
Use this super sleek team branded brochure to promote your team's listing. Modern in design, this brochure equally highlights the property as well as the expert team representing it.
Real estate team brochure

Getting started

For this "Home for Sale" team brochure you will need five property photo's, your head shot, your teammates head shot, and a company logo for both representatives. It is also a good idea to plan out the property's description, as well as a "Why Choose Us" proposal, as there is ample room for both write ups on this flyer.

As always, follow state and federal guidelines for all marketing activities, especially when co-branding with mortgage or title companies.

Property Photos

This brochure allows for five property photos, two of which are great sizes to highlight the properties top features. For best practice, use a photo of the front of property for the main picture on the front page. Then, use the remaining slots for supplementary photos such as shots of individual rooms or the back yard.


This brochure has ample room for a well written property description. For maximum results be sure to include even minor details about the property for a thorough representation of the homes top features.

On this "Home for Sale" team brochure there is also room for a description about what makes your team unique compared to your competitors. Use high impact words to express your value to interested buyers and potential future leads.

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