Time: Your Secret Weapon

8 in 8 video series

In Part 4 of our 8 in 8 video series, Dave Werner gives some great tips on how to make the most of the time at your disposal. Dave breaks down the typical day into thirds, and explains how a few different changes in your routine could lead to an added 6 weeks of productivity each year and improve your quality of life.

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Dave is the Broker Owner of Nextage Unlimited Real Estate. Throughout his prolific career Dave has won numerous sales and management awards and has served in many capacities, including recruiting, managing, and professional coaching. He has always converted his diverse background into extraordinary service and integrity for his clients and enjoys helping his agents succeed in their business through developing individual skills and strengths—and stretching one's vision to new levels. 

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Great topic Dave!

This one hit me square between the eyes. My mission in 2013 is to utilize leverage in every area of my life! By working smarter and not harder, we can create impact and be more efficient in what we do. I love that the extra hour that you inspire us to take...isn't about DOING MORE... it's about BEING MORE! Taking care of ourselves FIRST will fill up our tanks so we can ultimately have more impact in the world we live in...both personally and professionally! Here's to you Dave ... Thank you for impacting our world and sharing these golden nuggets with us! I love Breakthrough Broker! Awesome FREE STUFF and more Leverage in my business!!!

Posted by Sonja Wood on February 25, 2013 | 10:25 PM

Time - your secret weapon

Thank you. What an easy way to make a huge shift in productivity and balance. Great video segment!

Posted by Traci Bacchetti on August 10, 2013 | 10:12 AM

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