10 Facebook Engagement Photos

Engaging your Facebook audience has never been easier when you use one of these Facebook Engagement photos made for just for real estate pros. These photos prompt your followers to pick or vote for their favorite item within the photo by using a reaction.

To save an image, right click on the photo and select "Save Image As." We recommend downloading all of these photos and using them sporadically over a month or two to steadily boost your page's engagement.

We've also provided sample copy you can use in tangent with the images to create your posts. Instead of using the words "Like", "Love", etc., we recommend using a thumbs up emoji or heart emoji before the choice.

Please note, these photos are intended to promote and boost engagement; however, we cannot guarantee their success.*

Which is your favorite home renovation show? Pick your favorite using a reaction below!

  • Like: Fixer Upper
  • Love: Rehab Addict
  • Haha: Love It or List It
  • Wow: Property Brothers

What holiday do you enjoy most? Vote with a reaction below!

  • Like: Valentine's Day
  • Love: Thanksgiving
  • Haha: Halloween
  • Wow: Fourth of July

What does your dream home look like? Pick your favorite using a reaction below!

  • Like: Traditional
  • Love: Modern
  • Haha: Ranch
  • Wow: Classic

Who is your favorite TV Realtor? Vote below using a reaction!

  • Like: Phil Dunphy
  • Love: Ricky Roma
  • Haha: Peter Klaven
  • Wow: Evelyn Harper

What is your least favorite part of buying a home? Let us know by using a reaction below!

  • Like: Packing/Unpacking
  • Love: The home search
  • Haha: The cost
  • Wow: The paperwork

If you had the $$$, what part of your home would your renovate? Vote below using a reaction!

  • Like: Kitchen
  • Love: Outdoor space
  • Haha: Basement
  • Wow: Bathroom

What is your favorite season of the year? Pick below using a reaction.

  • Like: Summer
  • Love: Fall
  • Haha: Winter
  • Wow: Spring

Where do you plan to take your next vacation? Let us know using a reaction below!

  • Like: A metropolis
  • Love: The mountains
  • Haha: The beach
  • Wow: A historical landmark

What is your favorite annual drink at Starbucks? Vote for yours below using a reaction!

  • Like Peppermint Mocha
  • Love: Summer Frappuccinos
  • Haha: Pumpkin Spice Latte

What's the best way to celebrate your birthday? Vote with a reaction below!

  • Like: Book a vacation
  • Love: Party with friends
  • Haha: Have a meal of your choice
  • Wow: Treat yourself to a spa day

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