20 Reasons To Hire Me To Sell Your Home

20 Reasons To Hire Me To Sell Your Home
Show your high level of efficiency and your master skills when you deliver these 20 Reasons to Hire Me infographic to potential sellers. Simply brand it by uploading a logo and contact information.

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Simple Ways to Get This to Potential Sellers

  1. Print out copies and hand them out in person. Use our print services to save you the hassle!
  2. Email to a contact list.
  3. Embed it on your website.
  4. Post directly to your Facebook page.

See below for the text that is in the document

  1. Advocate for you during the entire home selling process.
  2. Take time to uncover your goals, objectives, and concerns.
  3. Research homes in the area and prepare a competitive market analysis.
  4. Provide comps and suggestions on asking price.
  5. Help with decluttering while advising on home repairs or upgrades.
  6. Hire a professional real estate photographer.
  7. Craft a thoughtful, compelling property description.
  8. Place your home on the agent only database (MLS) and hundreds of public real estate sites like Zillow.
  9. Market the property by providing signage and using print and digital marketing strategies.
  10. Host open houses at your request.
  11. Manage and coordinate all showing requests with your schedule.
  12. Qualify any potential buyers.
  13. Negotiate offers on your behalf with buyer agents.
  14. Assist with various financial aspects of the home sale.
  15. Provide oversight and follow up related to property inspections and repairs.
  16. Assist with gathering essential property documents.
  17. Manage all dates and deadlines related to the contract.
  18. Monitor buyer’s loan status leading up to closing.
  19. Work directly with the title company to ensure the accuracy of all closing procedures.
  20. Present at closing to ensure all your interests are protected.

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