5 Buyer Commandments to Live By

Many agents simply drive their buyer clients around and open doors for them, but there are ways to offer value to your buyer and receive more referrals. These commandments are guidelines for creating meaningful relationships with buyer clients and making sure they understand the benefits of your services. If you want to know how to go the extra mile for your buyer clients, then pay close attention to these five buyer commandments.

1. Never meet a buyer unprepared.

Buyers won’t appreciate your services if you aren’t prepared to demonstrate your value. A buyer may eagerly call you to go see a house, but if you haven’t researched the local market, built rapport with the client, or understood their goals, it will be incredibly difficult to do your job well. For example, take the time to research the local market trends or give them a buyer’s presentation to show all the value you bring.

2. Never meet a buyer before getting their information.

You should have a client’s name, phone number, and email address before starting to work with them. Failure to follow this step may lead to safety issues or clients misunderstanding the professional relationship between yourself and them. If your clients are hesitant to offer this information, say something like, “I’d be happy to help. Let me start by getting a little information.” If the buyers are still unwilling to share their information, then you should pass on them. Your clients need to see you as a real estate professional that is offering a valuable service, not someone that can be used and tossed away.

3. Have a meeting to set expectations.

There are two primary scenarios discussed below, one where you have showings scheduled with a new client and another when an unknown prospect calls you directly about one of your listings. In the first scenario, a client you already have a relationship with may contact you to start viewing houses. Before you start showings, take the time to schedule a meeting so you can explain your process and the services that you will provide. You can even start seeing homes immediately after the meeting that same day. It’s important to have a meeting to discuss the expectations of both parties, but this isn’t always easy.

If you don’t have time to meet beforehand, such as a sign call or online inquiry, follow the first commandment and show up prepared. Bring your collateral, local market information, and have plenty of discovery questions ready for the client. When you follow up with them, make sure to schedule a meeting to go over your services and establish yourself as a valuable real estate professional.

If they are still unwilling to meet you and you aren’t feeling comfortable, say something like, “I have such great relationships with my clients because I take the time to assess their goals and strategies to achieve them, but if you are unwilling to meet, there are several agents who work on a less exclusive basis that I can refer you to.”

4. Show Your Value.

A buyer’s agent can do much more for their clients than just find the available listings on the MLS. A real estate agent should be guiding the transaction like a professional and impressing their clients with a high level of market information that wouldn’t normally be available to them. This information should include the total number of homes in the neighborhood, the most recent sales, and other available homes in the area. You should also be gathering information that is relevant to the client such as the amount of parks in the area or the proximity to public transportation. Providing this amount of relevant information will set you apart from other agents and help you be remembered by your clients.

When you are sharing this market knowledge, don't be afraid to offer your own expert opinion. You can do this by taking notes on every listing that you show them and cross referencing those notes with the client’s goals.

Lastly, whenever possible, try to find insider information about a listing. This could include the owner’s reason for moving from the property or reviews of the area from neighbors. This combination of market knowledge, client-relevant information, and insider facts on the listing will show your clients that you are going above and beyond for them.

5. Get an agreement.

Although each brokerage has their own policies and different states have specific laws surrounding client-agent agreements, you should always try to get an exclusive buyer’s agreement with everyone you work with. If a lawyer, CPA, or general contractor wouldn’t work without an agreement, why would you? If you want to be a professional, you should have an agreement with your client that clearly establishes the relationship.

It may seem awkward to have your clients sign an exclusive agreement but it’s much better than servicing an entire transaction only to be cut off from the deal. Avoiding these stressful situations is easy when you have an agreement with your clients that establishes an exclusive relationship, provides a legal framework for both parties, and ensures compensation for the agent.

If you can put these five commandments into practice you will be more productive with buyers, receive more referrals, and waste less time with unreliable clients.

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