5 Steps to Growth-Framework For Your Business and Life

By: Sharran Srivatsaa

Note: Author's Original Work

Many people believe that the path to success in real estate and entrepreneurship is complicated.

That in order to achieve massive results, we have to complete some mysterious list of painful actions.

But I’m here to tell you — it’s actually not that difficult.

It’s hard work, for sure, but the process itself is not hard to understand.

Over the years, I’ve observed and tested, developed and perfected — boiling down the mechanics of growing a successful real estate business to the following 5 steps that, when followed, are guaranteed to bring results.

Singularity of Focus

First, you have to create a vision that becomes a necessity. Something you feel so motivated to accomplish you can’t be swayed. An enormous goal that is so incredibly motivating that you can’t waiver from your focus on the end result.

This singularity of focus becomes a filter through which every decision you make needs to be examined.

With every single action you take every single day, ask yourself — is this getting me toward my goal?

The discipline that is created when you think this way is contagious — your team members and your family easily become enrolled in your vision because you’ve made it irresistible.

Live and breathe the feeling you know you will have once the goal has been achieved. Act as if it’s already happened for you, and the singularity of focus will come naturally.

Cadence of Accountability

The idea here is to break every large task into bite-sized pieces. Take your business and ruthlessly tear it down, and then proceed to build it, brick by brick. Do small things every single day, with a singularity of focus, that brings you towards your goal.

If you’re trying to sell houses, this metric would be sales appointments with buyers or sellers.

Then, commit to daily, socialized accountability either within your organization or with a mentor (someone who will hold you accountable to the process).

Hold a daily check-in and admit to someone else how many appointments you had the day before, and how many you’re committed to having today.

This simple, 15-minute exercise allows you to honor your goal in a way that will change the nature of your entire business. When you have to admit, in front of others, whether or not you’ve taken the steps necessary to grow — you automatically self-correct.

How many times would you be able to admit in front of others that you’d had zero appointments?

You’d be so ashamed at your lack of results that you’d figure out a way to get appointments set.

And that is the true value of cadence of accountability.

Good Process Drives Good Results

This principle is so useful and meaningful and that is why I continually stress its importance.

When you develop the singularity of focus and break down your process into small, doable pieces, you cannot lose. Refine and test and find the process that delivers your desired result.

Then, repeat that process.

Everything can be broken down and the process can be repeated. This is how success is created and duplicated.

There are 3 ways to get leverage within a process:

  1. People
  2. Workflows
  3. Systems

When you have a refined and proven method that leverages the workflows and systems — you can replace a person within the process.

This is a critical step if you want to be able to grow your business to the point where you replace yourself so you can delegate tasks to a team.

Be Honest With Your Core Skill Set

Every agent knows their business intimately, and every agent thinks they are the only person on the planet that can do what they do. They think that if they don’t handle every single issue themselves, their business will fall apart.

I know from experience that this is a recipe for burnout.

If you are serious about growing your business — don’t be afraid to delegate to great people.

Hire amazing key people and treat them as partners. Surround yourself with people whose judgment you trust. Allow others to support you and become a foil for your weaknesses. Then allow them to take the reigns and make decisions.

Developing this kind of trust in others allows you to grow in ways you can’t even imagine. Not only will you free up some time so you can do what you do best, but you also find more joy as you don’t get bogged down completing the things that you don’t love to do.

Scale Every Part of Your Life

When you are on a mission to achieve big things in your business, you cannot just focus on your business.

You have to lay the foundational groundwork for growth in other areas of your life in order to get the results you want in business.

Your health, your relationships, your mindset, your daily routines — all of these things have to increase in quality to get where you want to go.

You can’t just work harder to achieve massive results.

The great news is, if you upgrade one area of your life — if you’re open, the other areas of your life will energetically align and rise up to meet the level of the area you’re improving first.

It’s an amazing recipe for creating a life you love.

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