6 'Additional' Top Apps For Real Estate Agents

The digital and technological landscape within the real estate industry is vast, sometimes confusing, and can definitely be overwhelming. Knowing what applications might be helpful to our business can be a tough task. Finding the time to demo, investigate, and implement any tech can be so daunting, we actually never expand our use of available tools.

Since you are busy working with buyers and sellers, we thought we would take time to check out some apps that might be able to help you sell more homes. Sit back and relax, we’ve done the research for you!

  1. Videolicious: Satisfy clients and enhance your lead generation with quality, branded videos that can be personalized easily and edited automatically. One thing we love about Videolicious s the teleprompter application. Often when creating a new listing video, we forget exactly what we want to say and it can take five, even a dozen, attempts to get what we want on screen. Use Videolicious’ teleprompter feature to expedite this tedious task. Just write your script and go! Check it out.

  2. Magic Plan: A single integrated solution for every real estate professional looking to make 3D floor plans straight from your phone. Studies show that placing floor plans in listing marketing materials increases online views and can be very helpful to potential buyers. This 3D floor plan maker lives right on your mobile device. Use it to wow your new listing client or gain buyer leads online.

  3. PDFescape: Interestingly enough, when we ran our brokerage, we had agents constantly asking us to recommend a usable PDF editing software. That’s why when we found PDFescape, we thought we would share it in case you are in need of this tool in any facet of your life. (I know I need it for the kid’s schoolwork all the time!) Check out this free online PDF reader, editor, form filler, and form designer.

  4. SignEasy: Many real estate pros we work with utilize a digital signature software for their business. So we set out to find the best tool that provides a fast, efficient way to get all your documents signed. We recommend trying out SignEasy, which is regarded as one of the easiest digital signing apps on the market.

  5. Slack: The back and forth emails that occur throughout the lifespan of a real estate transaction can be overwhelming and, often times, important messages can get lost in the shuffle. Slack is an effective collaboration hub where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is always a click away. Slack can turn into the perfect management platform where you can bring together all parties involved in the real estate transaction to communicate in one place.

  6. Everlance: As a business owner, keeping track of every small expense and trip you take for business purposes can be incredibly time consuming. That’s why using an automated app like Everlance will help you more than you know. This amazing tool is a personalized mileage tracker and expense log that will create a beautiful Excel or PDF report every time. When tax time comes and your accountant asks about your mileage, Everlance will be your saving grace.

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