Aesthetically Pleasing Open House Instagram Post
Instagram is growing rapidly, so why not blow your audience away when you post eye-catching content on your feed, like this stunning Instagram post. Customize each element of the design, from the property photo right down to the text. You can even upload your company logo which will be placed in the top right corner.

Getting Started

To customize this Instagram post, you will need a property photo, open house details, and your company logo. You can update the heading from Open House to whatever fits your needs best.

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Template Overview

This Instagram post template is completely customizable. You will just need your open house details, a property photo, and company logo. For best practice, we recommend adding a filter prior to sharing to Instagram to add that additional "WOW" factor. See below for more tips on how to get creative.

3 Creative Ways to Use This Post

  1. Post it on your Instagram page and use filters like “X-Pro II” or “Lo-Fi” to really get those letters to pop.
  2. Use engaging caption copy like, "Explore true modern beauty when you stop by Saturday from 1-4p to take in the spectacular views." Also, add emojis.


  3. Although this post may be designed with Instagram in mind, you can still post it on multiple social media platforms. Share it on your Pinterest and LinkedIn to really make a statement!

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