Automated Newsletters

8.5" x 11"


Automated Newsletters

8.5" x 11"

Embrace simplicity and efficiency with an Automated Newsletter Campaign in Spanish, designed for forward-thinking real estate professionals like yourself.

Say goodbye to the hassle of content creation, list management, and scheduling. We’ll handle those tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business and staying connected with your audience.

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  • Features
    • Edit Text
    • Available as Team and Two Agent
    • Color Picker
    • Full-Color Printing
    • Ships via USPS
  • How it Works

    Customize the 12 newsletters with your contact information, upload your mailing list or purchase a new one within the editor, and Breakthrough Broker will automatically send each newsletter to your contacts every month.

    NEWSLETTER SEND SCHEDULE: Each newsletter will be placed in the mail and shipped via first-class mail on the date outlined below.

    January newsletter: December 20
    February newsletter: January 20
    March newsletter: February 18
    April newsletter: March 20
    May newsletter: April 20
    June newsletter: May 20
    July newsletter: June 20
    August newsletter: July 20
    September newsletter: August 20
    October newsletter: September 20
    November newsletter: October 19
    December newsletter: November 20

  • Print Pricing
    Quantity Mail to a List
    1 - 49 --
    50 - 99 $22.92
    100 - 249 $21.60
    250 - 499 $20.28
    500 - 999 $18.96
    1000 - 1999 $17.76
    2000+ $17.16

    It will cost $22.92 to send one recipient all 12 newsletters for the entire year. Example: $22.92 x 50 (recipients) = $1146.00 (total for all 12 newsletters sent to the 50 recipients for the entire year).

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Easy-to-use marketing technology to create and customize professional marketing designs.
Direct mail marketing services and engaging social media content.

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