Automated Postcard Campaign Tutorial

If you’re looking for a way to stay in contact with your sphere throughout the year with minimal effort, then we have your solution. Our Automated Postcard Campaigns are your set-it-and-forget-it answer to direct mail marketing.

Select a set of beautiful postcards, ranging from holiday greetings to homeowner tips and tricks. Customize each one with your contact information, headshot, logo, and special message for your recipients. Then, upload your mailing list and sit back and relax. Each postcard will be sent to your list at the proper time over the course of the year.

If you’d like to view the postcard collections available for customization, click the links below.

Postcard Collection 1
Postcard Collection 2
Postcard Collection 3
Postcard Collection 4

Want more information on how Automated Postcard Campaigns work and how to create your own? Breakthrough Broker co-founder and CEO Nathan Froelich walks you through the process in the video below.

To view our Automated Postcard Campaigns, click here.

Below is a sample of what our Automated Postcard Campaigns look like.

About our CEO

Nathan Froelich

After a successful career as a top-producing real estate agent and building a mid-sized real estate company in Colorado, broker and owner Nathan Froelich and his business partner sold their company. Then, they followed their passion for helping those in the real estate industry by founding Breakthrough Broker to help real estate agents, title companies, and mortgage companies build successful businesses.