Breakthrough Broker Has Facebook Advertising

Check your MLS

Before getting started, please check if your MLS is supported by this feature.

Click here: MLS Support Page

If your MLS is supported, but the Facebook Advertising tool still states 'Not Connected', please download the following PDF for instructions on getting your brokerage connected to this feature: ListHub Opt-In Instructions

Please contact us at support@breakthroughbroker.com if you need assistance.

In 5 simple steps, you can start advertising your new listing on Facebook.

STEP 1: Click on the Facebook Advertising button on Breakthrough Broker. This will bring you to the advertising platform.

STEP 2: Click on the Continue with Facebook button. The first time you do this you will need to log in to your Facebook business page.

STEP 3: Type in your State and MLS #

STEP 4: Choose from several pre-tested headlines using the drop-down menu.

STEP 5: Choose the duration and advertising spend, then launch your campaign!

Facebook Advertising

Click below to start creating your Facebook Advertisement.

In the background, Breakthrough Broker and Walled Garden will create your optimized advertisement using copy that outperforms other Facebook advertising campaigns. This copy is backed by years of testing and has already been approved by Facebook.

A single property website with lead capture is also created so when a potential buyer clicks on the advertisement, you receive their information and can follow up with them.

Facebook Advertising

Click below to start creating your Facebook Advertisement.

about walled garden

Walled Garden's advanced marketing technology platform turns your property marketing on autopilot with just the push of a button. Created by renowned Facebook Marketing Strategist and Certified Facebook Marketing Partner, Travis Thom, Walled Garden provides Real Estate Agents with the power of a Marketing Agency each time a new listing is promoted. Unparalleled automation technology with expertly crafted targeting guarantees each listing will be seen by thousands of Facebook users in your market. At 60% lower cost per lead than average Real Estate Ads, Walled Garden supplies users with higher lead volume at a more affordable price.

about eric sachs

After a successful career as a top-producing real estate agent and building a mid-sized real estate company in Colorado, Broker/Owner Eric Sachs and his business partner sold their company and followed their passion for helping those in the real estate industry by founding Breakthrough Broker. Eric is a recognized national speaker and is dedicated to helping real estate agents, title companies, and mortgage companies in building their businesses.