Choosing the Right CRM for Real Estate

CRM gives you the power of a full team at a fraction of the cost. Maximize your sales power by choosing the right one.

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Choosing the right CRM for you and your business can seem overwhelming with ever-growing technology and millions of products on the market. What it comes down to is which platform is going to offer you everything you need to successfully run multiple facets of your real estate business, not just one.

Our goal at Breakthrough Broker is to make sure you’re equipped with the latest and greatest. Below is a list of the top three must-have CRM features that one of our favorite real estate marketing and CRM solutions, RealGeeks, offers.

Full-Circle Marketing

The marketing and CRM solution you choose should give you the power of a marketing team for a fraction of the cost. For example, RealGeeks not only makes it easy to manage your contacts but also makes it effortless to stay in front of them through its automated email and text campaigns. With an integrated system such as theirs, you can manage the first conversation and marketing touchpoint with a lead or contact all the way to the last within a single site, providing you with a global view of this connection and where they are in your sales pipeline.

Loaded Website

It’s one thing to have a beautiful website with IDX included, but why not take it to the next level by connecting it to your CRM. When your website and CRM become one, as it does with RealGeeks, the ability to capture a lead and keep them coming back to your personal website becomes effortless. Here’s what you can expect out of this integration from RealGeeks: A lead is submitted through the IDX website and it’s instantly added to your CRM. Automation campaigns are in place to get you in front of this lead. This lead responds with, “I’m just browsing.” Rather than ending communications there, you can set this lead up to receive automatic home search emails that keep them coming back to your website to learn more. When they love a property, you receive a notification through your CRM, giving you the perfect reason to call. All of this is done from one site, again, giving you a 360-degree view of a lead and every interaction you’ve had with it so far. Talk about power in CRM.

Landing Pages

Similar to a fully-loaded website, when your CRM is integrated into a lead generating landing pages, such as property valuation and property landing pages, capturing the lead’s information no longer becomes an exciting point. The excitement now comes from the marketing journey you can send this lead through. When a marketing hub is connected to your CRM, as it is with RealGeeks, tailoring your content and marketing message based on the various lead generating landing pages you use becomes second nature. For example, if a lead is submitted through a property landing page, you know exactly the type of home this lead may be looking for. Based on the info stored in your CRM about the lead and their ideal property, you can send them similar properties they may be interested in, instantly making you an indispensable resource in their home buying journey.

If spending one dollar would make you two, then spending that dollar would be well worth the investment. A good CRM should be the backbone of your real estate business. When it’s integrated with additional must-have resources like automated email and SMS marketing, a fully-loaded website, and lead generating landing pages, that’s when the magic really happens. To learn more about RealGeeks and why we recommend them, click here. To explore our additional resources on CRMs, click here.

RealGeeks builds powerful, simple and easy-to-use software to help real estate professionals generate more business.

The Company's mission is to combine innovative solutions and modern technology to improve the lives of Real Estate Professionals. RealGeeks specializes in creating effective, attractive websites featuring easy-to-use search functionality, listing information, scalable custom CRMs, and marketing automation that will increase conversions.

Disclaimer, RealGeeks is a paid partner of Breakthrough Broker.

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