Customize this Community Report in minutes for your listing or for a property your buyer is interested in. 

Use this Community Report if you're the listing agent to educate buyers at open houses or listing showings. A buyer's agent can benefit from this report too. When working with buyers, create the report for the home/homes your client is considering so they have the full picture prior to the showing. 

Sections in the Community Report 

Amenity Overview
Highlights the number of grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations, parks, coffee shops within a 5-mile radius of the property. 

School Report
Displays the elementary, middle, and high schools in this home's service area according to Schooldigger.com. Please double check the information displayed. 

Local Eateries Report
Shows the number of restaurants within a 3-mile radius and their price point, rating, and distance from the property. 

See how the Community Reports work below! 


How It Works:

BB Plus Version (For our BB Plus Members. Not a Plus Member? Learn more here!)

 Click "Get Started" 

 Select "MLS Lookup"

 Enter the properties MLS#

 Confirm the MLS#

 A COMPLETE report is instantly created for your listing and includes:

Property details
Listing photos
Community amenity report
School report
Local eateries report


Free Version

 Click "Get Started" 

 Select "Address Lookup" 

 Enter the address of the property 

 Confirm the address 

 A report highlighting the amenities in the surrounding community is generated 

 A semi-complete report is created for your listing andincludes:

Community amenity report
School report
Local eateries report
*Property details and listing photos not included automatically


Product Specs

Photos and text are fully editable 
Full-color printing 
Sized 8 1/2" x 11" 


Delivery Methods

Free PDF with or without crop marks 
PNG download
Print & ship


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