Congrats On Buying A Home

Congrats On Buying A Home Instagram Post
This photo will be hard to miss in your audience's newsfeed when you use it to celebrate your clients and the purchase of their new home. With only two items to edit, you can create this post and share it on social media in a matter of minutes.

To get your finished photo to your Instagram, select the "Text to phone" option at checkout. Your photo will be sent to your phone via text. Save the photo to your phone and upload to Instagram from your saved photos.

Post Overview

To customize this Instagram post template, you will need a photo of your clients and the property they purchased. Think of this photo as your bait and hook, then reel them in with supplemental photos of your clients and property, making it a multi-photo post. Make sure to tag your clients in the post so they receive a notification that you are celebrating their milestone. Hopefully, they will leave a comment of gratitude on the post!