Create & Manage Posts in Creator Studio from Facebook

What is Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio is a content management and creation platform that brings together the tools you need to efficiently and effectively post, manage, monetize, and measure content across your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. You can also access features like insights, messages, creative tools, and external resources.

Who can use Creator Studio?

If you manage a page or business on Facebook, you can access Creator Studio. You can also take advantage of monetization opportunities like shop, ads, instant articles, and events.

Where can you find it?

Login to your business page on Facebook. In the left sidebar, click on Publishing Tools. At the top, you will see a banner that says, “Manage All Your Posts in Creator Studio” and a blue call to action button. Click the Try It Now button. You can also navigate directly to the Creator Studio app by clicking here.

If you are using a smart device, download the Creator Studio from Facebook app from the Apple Store or Google Play store.

How Can You Navigate the tool?

There are numerous tabs located on the left panel of Creator Studio. If you’re new to Creator Studio, the most critical tab will be the Content Library tab. Here you will manage posts, stories, series, clips, instant articles, and more. At the top of the posts tab, you will see all published, scheduled, drafted, expired, and expiring posts.

How Can You Create a Post?

Click the blue Create Post button in the upper left corner. If you have multiple pages, make sure you select the correct one. Enter the caption with any emojis or links you'd like. Then, upload a video or add photos. You can save your post as a draft, schedule it for a later date and time, or publish it immediately. You can also boost your post using this tool.

How Can You Manage Your Posts?

Need to make edits, update schedule dates, or delete a post? This can be done on the Content Library tab as well. Find the post in question by scrolling through your list of posts or use the filters and search bar at the top. Then hover over the post until a button with three dots appears. Click the button to reveal your edit options.

In this section, you can also view impressions, reach, engagement, shares, link clicks, and other stats for any posts that have been published.

To learn more about Creator Studio, click HERE.

Additional information

Interested learning more about how Creator Studio by Facebook can help your grow your business' social media presence? Check out their guide here: Creator Studio Playbook

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