Your Divorcing Family Real Estate Kit

Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writers

Real estate agents have recently reached out to us seeking content and marketing specifically for those working with divorcing families. In their best interest and for any future agents working with divorcing families, we thought we would draw attention to a few items we have to help real estate agents throughout this delicate process.

Working with divorcing families can be one of the most challenging transactions a real estate professional can be faced with. This transitional time in their lives is delicate and emotions are high. As an agent, it is important to handle these families with the utmost care and skill. In many cases, both sides would like to work with an impartial real estate professional who may not have worked with them to buy family-owned properties in the past. Representing yourself as said impartial agent could be what sets you apart from others while also making this tedious process more comfortable for your clients.

Below are several resources that will be helpful throughout the transaction:

The Divorce Transaction Checklist: While the process can be challenging for all parties, this checklist will serve as a guide for a smoother transition.

The Divorce Letter: This letter can be mailed, hand delivered, or even copy and pasted into an email. Knowing what to say can be the hardest part of initiating communications with both sides of a divorcing couple. Use the verbiage in this letter to help start those important conversations.

Working with Divorced Clients: Expert Interview with Joan Rogliano: Joan Rogliano is Broker-Owner of Rogliano Real Estate Group with over 25 years experience in working with divorced clients in the real estate industry.

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