EDDM Postcard Tutorial

Expand your reach, maximize your spend, and get your listing in front of entire neighborhoods when you use Every Door Direct Mailers from the United States Post Office.

If you're new to EDDM or have considered using it before, but didn't move forward on the idea, this is your perfect starting point. In the short video below, Co-Founder of Breakthrough Broker Nathan Froelich takes you on a journey through the experience of sending an EDDM postcard and shares insights on how to best utilize the Listing EDDM Postcard offered on Breakthrough Broker.

Although EDDM postcards require a little more work on your end, the payoff will be well worth it. Explore more in greater detail by checking out the video below. Nathan will walk you through the following;

  • How simple it is to create the EDDM postcard offered on Breakthrough Broker.
  • The process of working with the USPS, including picking a neighborhood, the check out process, and more.
  • Marketing ideas and copy suggestions you can use to generate an increased level of interest.
  • And so much more!

For additional support using EDDM postcards, click here. To create the Listing EDDM Postcard on Breakthrough Broker, click here.