How to Create an Email Campaign Part 1

As a real estate professional you have a lot of marketing options. One of them happens to be email marketing. In our experiences as agents and managers, we have noticed that agents would like to use email marketing as a tool to help their business. Unfortunately, the complexity of the systems and the process of coming up with the content can seem too overwhelming, which then discourage the agents from doing so.

It's time to leverage the low cost - high reach possibilities of email marketing and use it to stay top of mind with your contacts. In this three part tutorial we will show you how to conquer the beast named "Email Marketing", and give you the content you need to create a personalized and professional campaign.

Part one of the video tutorials can be found below. This session will walk you through the following:

  1. Getting your contacts ready
  2. Creating a list
  3. Importing your list

For these tutorials we used the MailChimp™ program as an example. Great news, most third party email systems use a similar process which we share in these videos.

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