Emergency Contacts List

Emergency Contact List
It's the little things that mean the most. Place your brand on this emergency contact list. Then, share it with leads, prospects, and your SOI so when they are in need, they have you to thank for providing easy access to emergency resources.

This brandable Emergency Contact Sheet will come in handy to anyone and everyone, so use it to your advantage. Leave it behind as additional collateral after meeting with leads and prospects, drop a copy in a home during the final walk-through, bring a copy to a closing, share with your SOI during a coffee meet up, or leave it behind while door knocking. This is an evergreen content piece, it's a simple yet necessary item every homeowner should but likely many are missing. When they are in need and have their emergency contacts on a ready-to-go-document, homeowners will be more than thankful and will always have a reason to think of you.