End-to-End Marketing Trick

If you're looking to create a postcard, send it to an entire neighborhood, and buy the list of mailing addresses for future farming, then you have come to the right page!

Our address mapping tool can be used on numerous templates such as Listing Postcards, Open House Postcards, Lead Generation Postcards, Real Estate Letters and much more!

  1. Create your design in minutes by using our in-template editor.
  2. Click on 'direct mail.'
  3. Choose 'purchase mailing list.'
  4. Select a range of addresses based on zip code/city.
  5. Purchase those addresses.
  6. Within a week, every one of those homeowners will have their eyes on you.

The best part? You can send a follow-up marketing item to these addresses. Check out this short video tutorial to get this end-to-end marketing tool working for you.