Expand Your Leads: The Rent VS. Buy Trick

Renters Are Waiting

With 43 million renters in the US and the fair assumption at least half of them want to be homeowners someday, a renters niche is as good as gold to a new or seasoned Realtors. For many rental communities door to door solicitation, aka door knocking, is prohibited. However, no one has power over a mailbox and social newsfeeds - and that’s where the magic can happen.

Let’s set the stage. There’s a group of apartment communities nuzzled together. The demographics of the primary resident is 25-35, single, dating, or soon to be married. They are steadfast in building their careers, spending as much on rent as they would on a mortgage, and currently in a lease with an end date. In their mailbox, they regularly receive a mix of print marketing that consists of a “Buy vs. Rent”, “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” postcards from the same real estate agent. Then, in their social newsfeed, they are continuously reminded of all things real estate with the same Realtor with the help of a “Buy Vs. Rent", “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” video ads. The lease is coming to an end and the want to buy a home is arising - who are they going to call? With the help of these tips below, you.

In this short but sweet how-to article, we will highlight how you can take advantage of our “Purchase Mailing List” option and Facebook’s audience builder to claim a single community or neighborhood of renters and assert yourself as their go-to Realtor. With a boost of the marketing items listed above, also at the bottom of this how-to, and these tips, you will have a full-circle marketing strategy that will open a faucet of never-ending buyer leads.

steps below

  1. Create a Buy vs. Rent Postcard.
  2. Use our purchase mailing list function.
  3. Choose a neighborhood with apartment communities.
  4. Send them your branded postcard.
  5. Download list.

See the tutorial video here:

  1. Import the list into Facebook and build an audience.
  2. Head to manage ads from your profile.
  3. Click on business tools located on the upper left corner.
  4. Click audiences.
  5. Create a new audience, then click “custom audience.”
  6. Use “customer list” as your source.
  7. Choose a file that contains or doesn’t contain an LTV. To learn more about LTV, click here.
  8. Select the origin of this upload.
  9. Upload your file.
  10. Name your audience.
  11. Choose your customer value column.
  12. Upload and create.

See the tutorial video here:

  1. Use our Buy vs. Rent Video as a promo ad on social media.
  2. Create a post on Facebook.
  3. Click boost post.
  4. Choose an objective.
  5. Choose your audience, upload your new audience file.
  6. Set your total budget.
  7. Click boost.

See the tutorial video here: