Four Ideas For Engaging Videos

While it's no secret video has become and will remain the best and primary way to marketing your business online, exactly what to record may still feel like an unknown to you.

Using video to promote a listing is a tried and true best practice. It is a necessary addition to your listing marketing mix. Other popular videos among real estate agents include creative music videos where Realtors change the lyrics to pop songs to relate to the industry. These types of videos are great and can go viral; however, the creative process for this type of video can be as daunting as your first listing interview.

So where's the happy medium between expressing creative freedom but staying in line with your brand and comfort level? Here are some ideas you can use to add value to your business using videos.


A recorded interview of a satisfied client can serve as an excellent testimonial and is a great stepping stone for building a strong client base. You can either record several testimonial interviews and splice them into one video or do each one separately. The goal is to let prospective buyers know that you have left favorable impressions on previous clients and that you are an excellent choice as an agent. You can also record interviews with home inspectors, mortgage lenders, and attorneys who you have worked with and who can attest to your expertise in the real estate business.


Most people are not experts at buying and selling a property. It is something they do not do frequently throughout their lives. Since you deal with the industry on a daily basis, you undoubtedly have a lot of helpful information you can pass along to them. Put that information to use by making a video that answers frequently asked questions. Creating short snippets of information will help both buyers and sellers and allow them to learn at their own pace. Be sure to post the video on social media to increase its reach.

Local Business Reviews

Local business reviews can be a huge help if a homebuyer is moving to a new neighborhood. After a long day of moving in and unpacking boxes, cooking is likely out of the question. So, knowing which pizza place has the best food and delivers will be a welcome piece of information. Don’t forget to include other businesses that a homeowner will likely frequent as well. The more you can talk up local businesses, the less work the homebuyer will have to do and the happier area business owners will be as well.

Neighborhood Tour

Include videos about different neighborhoods you list in. These should go beyond the businesses that are in the area. Take your camera and go on a stroll, identifying points of interest along the way. Parents will love to know where the parks and schools are. Also, include any landmarks or points of historical significance so homebuyers can get a sense of the history of the area. Make sure your narration highlights how special the neighborhood is to entice people to buy there.

Try one or all the videos above and don't forget to have fun with it! Keep in mind that regardless of where you start, starting is the important thing. It's natural to feel awkward on camera initially and question your stance. However, when doubt is present, remember the power video has on social media and in digital marketing. A few minutes in front of the camera could result in a lifetime supply of clients and referral sources.

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