Four Ways to Leverage 24/7/365 Approval Letter Adjustment

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Written by Breakthrough Broker President Eric Sachs

In a low-inventory, fast-paced market, every second counts for you and your clients.

Your buyers’ search for their dream home is not a Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 process. It takes late-night home searches, showings on-demand, and split-second offers.

There was a day when real estate professionals dreamed of the ability to have more insight into the loan process. Plus, having the flexibility to adjust the buyer’s approval letter – within their approved range – to match the offer without having to wait for the loan officer to get it done and back to you could make a huge difference in a multiple-offer situation.

Rocket Pro℠ Insight gives real estate professionals the long-awaited opportunity to do exactly that. With 24/7/365 approval letter adjustment, real estate professionals who use this helpful platform can quickly adjust an approval letter to submit the strongest offer possible.

Set yourself apart from other competing real estate agents by leveraging this great feature.

  1. Buyer presentation: Make sure you showcase the ability to adjust the approval letter within your buyer presentation.

  2. Buyer lead conversion marketing: If you’re purchasing Facebook, Zillow or Realtor.com leads, create a short email or text message outlining your ability to adjust the approval letter 24/7/365, giving you an advantage over other real estate agents.

  3. Open house marketing: Have a handout to showcase this buyer advantage to all open house attendees. This will give you a competitive advantage over other real estate agents who they may meet while shopping for their next home.

  4. Sphere newsletter: If you do a monthly or quarterly newsletter for your sphere of influence, make sure to feature your ability to adjust the approval letter “on the fly.” Again, this will give you an advantage over other real estate agents they know and may get someone you know off the fence and ready to start a home search.

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