Get Out of Your Own Way

There are many factors that can contribute to a rut in your career, but in some cases, it’s our own problematic mindset that stops us from reaching our goals. If you allow negative self-talk or a fear of success to dominate your thoughts, it can make it harder to do your job. Your mindset must be finely tuned to avoid self-sabotage and stay focused on your goals.

If you are getting discouraged by market conditions or how well your competition is doing, these are clear-cut signs that you are getting in your own way. Instead of focusing on how there are not enough sellers in the market, you should realize that there are still people out there who need real estate assistance and only the go-getters will grab their attention. Even if your competition is getting a lot of business, that should be a sign to you that there are still potential clients out there looking for agents.


Your perception of a situation can seriously affect the way you respond, so always remember to be positive and ignore negative self-talk. This can really damage your mindset, which in turn impacts your productivity. According to the National Science Foundation, people can have up to 60,000 thoughts a day and approximately 80% of those thoughts are negative. If you find yourself getting down, pay attention to your thoughts and make sure you aren’t getting caught in a negative cycle. A good way to flip the script on your brain is to focus on how far you have come and what you are working towards.

Keeping your goals in mind is a key step to getting out of your own way, but you also have to focus on what actions you need to take to achieve them. Shifting your focus from what’s going wrong to what needs to be done can help you stay positive and productive.


The recipe for success in this business isn't all that complicated, it's usually that people don't want to do the things that make them uncomfortable. If this is the case for you, there is no reason to be discouraged because you’ve found what you need to work on to increase your success. For example, if you need to work on your interpersonal skills, look for a mentor within your brokerage or find a class that will help you improve. If you are struggling to find leads, you may need to enhance your social media strategies or find new ways to add people to your sphere. Whatever the problem is, there are actionable tasks to solve them, it’s just a matter of determination to find the solution and get started.

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