Handwritten Cards for the Modern Agent

In our never-ending journey to find helpful resources, strategies and tips for real estate professionals we come across dozens, no, hundreds of technologies in the industry. We try to sift through them to find the best, most practical and helpful for you to use to sell more homes. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Tomer Alpert, founder of Felt, and instantly knew I had to get this out to our users.

Placing a personal touch on any communication between you and a potential or current client can make a world of difference. Time and time again, handwritten notes have proven to leave a lasting impression long after a quick coffee meeting or introductory phone call. It’s what can keep you ahead of the game when a homeowner is getting ready to sell, or when a previous client is asked for a recommendation from a friend who is house hunting.

However, it's more than just a top-of-the mind marketing system. It's designed to create an emotional bond that can only be created through handwritten messages.

But with a growing list of leads, professional contacts and clients, it can seem daunting and time consuming to personalize your approach when reaching out to each individual. Felt is a unique approach to creating handwritten notes - every time.

Felt takes an innovative approach to a tried-and-true contact method with their customizable greeting cards. After downloading their app, users can select one of their many card designs, with the option to incorporate a photo, and then customize it with a personal message using their own handwriting. Users use the touch screen on their phone or tablet to write a thoughtful note or doodle a design on the front or back of the card. And, if you’re not a big fan of your own writing, you can choose from a variety of handwriting-style fonts. Next, users can write on and design the envelope, upload their contact list, and Felt will print the cards on premium paper and send them off to whomever you choose.

The Felt App is perfect for any hardworking, time-strapped real estate agent to help you connect with people in a thoughtful way. Felt cards can be used for a multitude of situations, including but not limited to:

  • ‘Thank You’ notes following a coffee or lunch meeting with a potential client
  • Follow-up cards after a successful open house to leads you connected with
  • Congratulation messages to your clients after closing
  • Messages of support to fellow agents to solidify good working relationships
  • Referral requests to past clients
  • And more!

Aside from the convenience, this app provides with its on-the-go nature, Felt is a cost-effective tool, offering the ability to pay for each individual card sent or purchase a bundle to reduce the cost per card. If you’re ready to connect with your sphere or send a new lead a personal message check out Felt by clicking here.

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