Rough Edges

Rough Edges Open House Instagram Post
Market like the star you are and prove you’re #InstagramFabulous with this post! Customize it as you wish, just click get started below and create your new Open House IG Post. You will need the date, details, and property photo. Don’t forget to utilize our super easy Text-to-Self delivery method.

Getting Started

To customize this Instagram post, you will need a property photo and the open house details. You can adjust the heading to whatever fits your needs best.

Learn about our Text-to-Self Delivery Method HERE.

Template Overview

This Instagram post template is completely customizable. You will just need to enter the open house details and drop in a property photo.

3 Creative Ways to Use This Post

  1. Tag friends and family by using the @ symbol or tag function so they receive a notification. If they aren’t interested at this time, perhaps they know someone who would be. This is a great way to get your name out there in the social world.
  2. When you share this post on your Instagram page, use filters like “Amaro” and “Hefe” to really make those letters pop.
  3. Get creative with your social media accounts. Don’t limit yourself to just Instagram and Facebook. Post on your Twitter, blog, website, and Pinterest too!