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Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writer

Editor's note: If you missed our product review of HighNote last month, you’ll want to go check it out here so you have a better idea of what we’re referencing in the article below.

Highnote is one of the hottest tools built by real estate veterans to help agents win more business and set themselves apart from the competition. With Highnote, you basically create intention-based templates that allow you to send content around specific activities, i.e., submitting an offer, listing presentations, buyer presentations, etc.

Send PDFs, images, videos, and even links to other websites from within a single Highnote. It works perfectly with content created on Breakthrough Broker and that's why we’re big fans! You can take any of the assets you create and use a Highnote to send them in a beautiful and easy-to-digest presentation format. Plus, one of the best features of Highnote is the ability to track any activity related to the content you sent.

Have you ever wondered if your offer was received by an unresponsive agent? Was it actually opened? How many times? At what time? With Highnote, you get to see all this and more!

Here’s our list of content found here on Breakthrough Broker that we recommend for building out highly effective Highnotes:

To win more listings:

To ensure buyers that YOU are the agent for the job of helping them find their dream home:

To help showcase your listings in a creative way:

In summary, if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to wow your prospects and close more deals, we say, "Highnote is a total game-changer and worth checking out." The best part is no design skills are needed and you don't have to be a tech person to use it. They have hundreds of templates and you can try them all for free today.

So, click here to activate your free trial, and if you decide to sign up, use the promo code BB25 for a discount as our way of saying thanks for being a loyal reader.

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HighNote's mission is to provide tools that empower real estate's top producing agents to do more of what they do best. HighNote helps thousands of people build stunning presentations by simply dragging and dropping already existing material. No design skills required.

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